The Colorado Lottery is expanding its sponsorship portfolio, refining its activation strategy and improving its vetting process.

The lottery has signed a new partnership with Levitt Pavilion Denver, is placing more focus on activating sponsorship to promote scratch-off tickets, and has hired a sponsorship agency to screen sponsorship proposals.

The lottery will activate its sponsorship of a free summer concert series at the Levitt Pavilion by promoting scratch-off tickets at select concerts. The lottery will promote specific tickets based on the musical genre of each concert.

Examples could include promotions for a NASCAR-themed ticket at country music concerts or movie-themed scratchers at shows that draw Millennials.

“We’re trying to tune-in what the lottery’s upcoming scratch tickets will be. We’re looking at events that we’re doing—and events that we’re not doing—that could be a good fit,” said Bruce Erley, president & CEO of Creative Strategies Group, a sponsorship agency that screens and executes ties on behalf of the lottery.

Case in point: The lottery is exploring a potential partnership with a Hispanic event in support of an upcoming Day of the Dead-themed scratcher.

“That would be the sweet spot for the ticket.”

The lottery plans to activate its sponsorship of Denver Comic Con with a “golden ticket” promotion in support of a Willy Wonka-themed scratcher. The lottery last year leveraged the July event on behalf of a Ghost Busters ticket.

In addition to promoting scratch-off tickets, the Colorado Lottery is also placing more focus on activating sponsorship in unique and creative ways.

The lottery plans to activate the Levitt Pavilion with a “musical chairs” themed promotion that awards a prize package to consumers who have a red Powerball-themed beach ball in their hands when pre-recorded music stops playing.

The lottery plans to run the promotion before and between shows at the venue.

CSG this year expanded the scope of its work with the Colorado Lottery to include both sponsorship execution and valuation.

“In the past, scoring and valuation was done by a traditional advertising agency. Many assets don’t translate into media equivalencies.”

The advertising agency will continue to review proposals from properties CSG represents for sponsorship sales, Erley said. Those include the Cherry Creek Arts Festival and Levitt Pavilion Denver.

“There needs to be a degree of separation.”

The Colorado Lottery activates all events with its “Dream Machine” mobile sales unit. Sales from sponsored events represented the second highest “retail location” for the lottery based on the number of tickets sold in 2016, said Erley.

The Colorado Lottery’s fiscal year runs from July 1st through June 30th.