After creating the super-premium vodka category roughly 20 years ago, Grey Goose has long used sponsorship to bring its brand to life.

The brand engages consumers through unique, one-of-a-kind experiences at top-shelf sports and entertainment events ranging from the Kentucky Derby and PGA Tour to the US Open and Melbourne International Film Festival.

Grey Goose uses the partnerships to support its “Fly Beyond” brand positioning of innovation and imagination.

IEG SR spoke with Tom Swift, Grey Goose global vice president, about the brand’s evolving sponsorship strategy, its recently expanded partnership with the PGA Tour, and other topics.

Below are edited excerpts from the interview:

On Grey Goose’s evolving sponsorship strategy
Our evolution is common to most companies. We have taken a hard look to make sure we’re getting return on investment from any sponsorship we go into. From a commercial and brand perspective, we want to make sure sponsorship enables us to deliver the kind of experiences that we want to give our target consumer and amplify it beyond the event.

On the thinking behind the PGA Tour partnership
We have a long history in golf; we’ve been involved in the sport in one way or another since the brand was first created.

We had a few successful years with the PGA Tour, and we wanted to extend the partnership. It gives us a great opportunity to bring Grey Goose to a large number of people by activating our 19th Hole Lounge at tournaments around the country, and gives us a great setting to give people fantastic cocktails and experiences.

Year in and year out, the tournaments we support see increased sales and engagement. The Players Championship is a major event for the PGA Tour, and a big moment for us as well. We have seen particular success with the Sawgrass Splash.

There was a brilliant story with the Bryon Nelson tournament in Dallas. They went through so many Moscow Mules that you couldn’t buy ginger beer for five miles around. We are seeing great engagement and results.

On incorporating Boulangeire Bleue into the 19th Hole Experience
Boulangeire Bleue is a series of immersive pop-ups across the country. We bring the French Riviera to life through amazing drinks including our new Grand Fizz summer beverage. It gives people immersion into that world, and we plan to bring it to life at more events next year, including golf.