Like no other category, B2B technology companies are dramatically changing the way consumers engage sports, causes and entertainment.

From using data analytics to let fans know where a tennis player needs to hit a ball to helping sports leagues better understand their fans, technology companies are reshaping the sports and entertainment landscape.

In short, technology companies help rightsholders enhance the fan experience, maximize operations and improve on-field performance.

“Like many industries, the sports and entertainment world is going through a digital transformation. We believe our technology can be at the backbone of the way we live, work and play, and our work helping our customers go through this transformation helps them simplify the way they operate, improve performance and enhance fan engagement, and allows us to tell our story in an authentic way,” said Chris Burton, SAP senior vice president of global sponsorship.

And a growing number of companies are following the lead of the category’s biggest spender. Case in point: NASCAR has posted a 66 percent increase in the number of Fortune 500 technology companies at the team, track and sanctioning body levels since 2013.

In one of its most recent deals, NASCAR this year expanded its partnership with Microsoft Corp. by signing the company as an official technology sponsor (a designation it shares with Hewlett-Packard Co.). Microsoft also announced an official partnership with Hendrick Motorsports, both of which it is using to promote its Windows 10 platform and Azure cloud computing technology.

“From a sponsorship perspective, the technology sector has been a growing category across the industry for the past two years,” said Steve Phelps, NASCAR chief marketing officer.

Technology companies use sponsorship to showcase the mission-critical nature of their products via authentic product integration. The partnerships typically include two contracts: one for products/services and the other for marketing support.

The ties can go a long way in helping properties improve operations. NASCAR has reduced the time spent examining race cars by nearly 50 percent as a result of its Microsoft partnership.

In a similar vein, the NFL uses SAP technology to support its fantasy football platform and its human resources and information technology departments.

“We want to use the best products on the market, and the good news is our sponsors provide the most superior products,” said Renie Anderson, senior vice president of sponsorship and partnership management with the NFL.

The Most Active B2B Technology Sponsors
The Most Active B2B Technology Sponsors

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Where Business Technology Companies Spend Money