IEG 2017
34th Annual Sponsorship Conference

What Attendees Said About IEG 2016

“A very valuable three days with great speakers, workshops and networking opportunities. I took away several ideas that I plan to implement.”
Amy Kierzek, Thrivent Financial

“Coming from the nonprofit world, I was hesitant to come to the IEG conference. I learned a lot about sponsorship in general, great activations and ideas to apply, and met great connections who I feel I will be able to utilize for years to come.”
Jaimie Racanelli, American Heart Association

“Amazing platform to network, connect and learn from your peers and from industry leaders.”
Kristen Sofge, Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival

“The conference is a great place to learn from those making the decisions on what they are looking for in the way of sponsorship and partnership. It is also a good place to get ideas from colleagues on how they develop sponsorship and partnership opportunities for their clients.”
Trevor Foreman, Houston First Corporation

“A fantastic opportunity to stay on top of upcoming trends in sponsorship, and learn about some of the best activations in partnership over the course of the past year.”
Samantha Phelan, St. John’s IceCaps

“I left the conference inspired, motivated and full of ideas. I feel like I have a great understanding of the trends in sponsorship and partnerships. Great keynote speakers and great networking with others in the industry.”
Liz Thompson, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

“Come to learn what the top marketers in the world are doing, find out what trends are emerging, and meet the crème-de-la-crème of the event and sponsorship marketing world.”
Michael Nolan, Accenture

“A MUST for all rightsholders and sponsors — not only were new and innovative ideas represented, but current trends and models were highlighted, so I can come back knowing what to expect from my partners and how to deliver!”
Laura Zimbrick, Fox Theatre