Justify Your Rights Fees with an IEG Valuation

Whether a local entertainment venue or a global sports event, the ability to justify sponsorship rights fees is critical for every property.

What is an IEG Valuation?

An IEG Valuation—a methodology endorsed by hundreds of leading brands, including FedEx, Gatorade, Miller, Procter & Gamble, Toyota and Visa—allows any rightsholder to enter negotiations with full confidence that its asking price reflects fair market value.

Every IEG Valuation Statement documents the details of, and basis for, our assessment. Many clients include their statement in sponsor presentations and communications, adding credibility and validity to offers and minimizing risk by assuring prospects that they are not overpaying for the package you deliver.

Much like real estate is valued differently by homebuyers with different priorities, sponsorship opportunities are worth more to certain sponsors than others based on the business objectives the opportunity is best-positioned to deliver. To answer this, we offer customized IEG Valuations to reflect the value to a specific brand or business category. This allows you both a stronger bargaining position (as prospects will see that you have taken their priorities into account), and it sets up better prioritization of prospects to maximize targetedness and, ultimately, revenue.

Everything has a True Value

Only IEG Valuations account for the intangible value of sponsorships, including the actual value of loyal audiences, name awareness, content integration, access to property networks, and more. This is where the true value of sponsorship lies, yet most properties and agencies have no accurate way to calculate it.

In many cases, an IEG Valuation determines that clients have been undervaluing what their sponsorships are worth. Armed with their new knowledge and documentation, they no longer leave money on the table as they have the basis and language to negotiate a higher fee.

Are you leaving money on the table?

Schedule some time with an IEG consultant today to discuss your property’s tangible and intangible assets – and learn more about how an IEG Valuation can help you get more money from your partnerships. Complete this short form and we’ll be in touch within the next business day to schedule a time to talk.


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