At ESP Properties, we help our clients engage with and sell to their customers more effectively. We deliver solutions through Consulting Services and Sales Representation.

Our Clients: Digital start-ups, leagues, NGOs, teams, venues, events, publishers. Their Customers: Fans, brands, mediaOur Clients: Digital start-ups, leagues, NGOs, teams, venues, events, publishers. Their Customers: Fans, brands, media

We are WPP’s agency dedicated to rightsholders and THE point of contact for representation into WPP’s ecosystem, leveraging unparalleled access and insights into the brand community.


World’s largest communications services group, employing 205,000 people working in 3,000 offices in 113 countries


One-third of all marketing / advertising dollars spent globally through WPP ecosystem

49 out of 50

Represent 350+ Fortune 500 companies and 49 of the top 50 most active sponsors


Comprised of more than 400 companies across marketing, advertising, communications, PR, branding, creative and data investment management

Rightsholders rely on our deep knowledge and expertise to:

  • Drive incremental revenues from fans, brands & media
  • Craft smarter, more digitally focused commercial packages
  • Shorten the sales cycle to be in market and generating revenues faster
  • Sell to brands in the way they are looking to buy
  • Leverage their data in a different way

Working side-by-side, we enable our clients to:

  • Deliver value to audiences—fans, event participants, members, social media followers, etc.
  • Use the strength of those relationships to create meaningful partnership propositions that produce positive returns for sponsors and other commercial partners.
  • Produce consistent growth across direct audience revenues, brand partnerships and media rights and assets.


Consulting Innovative commercial strategies and execution

  • Fan Engagement
  • Brand Partnerships
  • Media Rights

Starting with the core belief that digital and data opportunities are redefining rightsholders’ partnerships and commercial future, our Consulting team designs and implements strategies to drive revenue for our clients.

We do this through a full range of services across data, digital and content development to better understand audiences and create more relevant ways to engage with them.

This helps our rightsholder partners develop new ways to connect with communities of fans and followers, grow direct revenue from them and create more valuable brand and media partnership opportunities.


Revenue Growth From:

  • Fan Engagement
  • Ticket Sales
  • Hospitality
  • Membership
  • Merchandise


  • Data Strategy & Architecture
  • Audience Insight & Segmentation
  • Ticketing Strategy
  • CRM
  • Email & Digital Marketing
  • Supporting Leagues / NGOs to Deliver Best Practices to Their Teams / Members


  • Ticket Revenue
  • Volume of Paid Tickets
  • Season Ticket Holders
  • Sell-out Models
  • Retention & Frequency
  • Average Ticket Price Value
  • Optimized Pricing
  • Ticket Usage Rates
  • Hospitality Revenue
  • Membership in Loyalty Programs, Fan Groups / Clubs
  • Merchandise Revenue


Revenue Growth From:

  • Brand Partnerships
  • Supplier Partnerships


  • Audience Insights
  • Partnership Strategy
  • Partnership Architecture
  • Packaging & Pricing
  • Valuation
  • Sales Strategy
  • Partner Activation
  • Digital Asset Management


  • Partnership Revenue
  • Fees Based on Fair Market Value
  • Enhanced Partner Benefits
  • Optimized Partnership Levels
  • Trusted Advisor to Partners
  • ROO and ROI for Partners
  • Improved Organization / Structure / Processes


Revenue Growth From:

  • Media Rights
  • Subscriptions
  • Content


  • Audience Development
  • Platform & Content Strategy
  • Distribution Strategy
  • Digital Asset Assessment
  • Digital Media Infrastructure
  • Rights Valuation
  • Monetization & Sales Strategy


  • Brand Advertising / Content Integration Revenue
  • Media Partner Revenue
  • Subscription Revenue
  • Content Licensing / Syndication Revenue

Among the many clients we are proud to work with are:

Specialized Services for Digital Publishers

In addition to our work with sports, entertainment and nonprofit rightsholders, we leverage our deep expertise in digital content and media to develop new opportunities for sustainable revenue growth for publishers. Services include:

  • Analyze competitor offers and sales approach
  • Identify white space
  • POV on how to improve, change, or tell story to best resonate with agencies and brands
  • Package and monetize assets
  • Sales collateral (fact sheets, proposals, case studies, etc.)
  • Prospect lists
  • Interviews / summits to determine perceptions of offering, sales team, price dynamics, etc. and suggest ways to improve position
  • Liaise with media planners, buyers and digital investment teams to obtain unfiltered feedback and backchannel post proposal
  • Connect with the right brands

We are proud to represent premier organizations, including:


Sales Rightsholder representation

  • Access & Insights
  • Audiences Over Inventory
  • Global Network

Our Sales team leverages global relationships to represent rightsholders to the world’s brands—within and beyond the WPP network—through an audience, content and data-led approach.

Our inside knowledge of communications goals and what brands truly value—combined with deep insights into audiences—allows us to:

  • Better navigate brands’ decision-making process
  • Sell business solutions, not inventory
  • Monetize multi-faceted benefits, never just pure media
  • Create more enduring partnerships.

We are proud to represent world-class rightsholders, including:

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