With more than 90 music festivals around the world, more than 26,000 shows each year and a digital platform that reaches 80 million unique visitors, Live Nation Entertainment offers reach and scale that few properties can rival.

And the company is increasingly using social media to help brands connect with consumers across the experiential and digital divide.

Live Nation is placing more focus on creating social-centric media products that leverage consumer behavior on social platforms, as well as geo-fencing, audience targeting and emerging technologies that allow brands to connect with consumers in relevant and impactful ways.

“Live Nation is laser focused on curating an authentic, two-way conversation before, during and after a live entertainment event. Over the last two years we have assembled a team to focus specifically on finding new ways to allow brands to capitalize on social API’s and develop innovative digital tools to improve communication. We have seen tremendous success so far and we have only scratched the surface,” said Samantha Sichel, Live Nation vice president, digital product & business development.

Below, three ways Live Nation is using social to connect brands with fans.

Proprietary tool helps brands identify and engage targeted consumers during live events, with the goal of gaining brand advocates.

Fanfluencer sifts through social media chatter during live events to rank and surface attendees most relevant to a brand based on a sponsor’s pre-determined criteria (Millennial females, people with more than 5,000 followers, etc.).

Once those consumers are identified, a brand can reply or comment on Instagram posts in real-time, directly in the tool. Live Nation requires brands to offer or mention something compelling (an interesting piece of content, VIP upgrade, exclusive product, etc.) to maximize engagement.

The goal: to turn fans into brand advocates and get them to thank sponsors via organic social conversations around live events.

PepsiCo this year used Fanfluencer to surface, rank and engage social media savvy fans at the Lollapalooza music festival. Working in conjunction with Live Nation, PepsiCo replied and/or commented on Instagram posts in real-time with offers of VIP upgrades, access to Pepsi Zero Sugar’s “Zero Chill House” experience and other perks, which in turn drove increased engagement.

Social Geofencing
Uses GPS technology to engage attendees with relevant content.

Proximity marketing is playing a larger role in Live Nation’s social media toolkit. The company uses proximity technology at events to identify who is posting on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms, with the goal of connecting with them during and after the event with relevant social media content.

Live Nation targets promoted-only tweets and dark Facebook posts against audiences it collects at the events. To build scale, the company adds lookalike audiences modeled via first party audiences collected by social pixels on LiveNation.com and Ticketmaster.com.

The communication typically emanates from a brand’s social channel, but can also happen on a Live Nation venue channel or festival page when relevant.

Live Nation this year used geofence technology for iFLY, a chain of indoor skydiving venues. The company tapped Live Nation to create a :15 second promotional video to generate awareness of their locations in Chicago, Dallas and Houston.

Live Nation used internal insights to determine which shows to collect audiences from in each of the three markets. It then retargeted the audiences and lookalike audiences modeled from first party audiences to drive viewership. Live Nation connected its audiences to the iFLY account via Facebook business manager to enable iFLY to reach its audiences but post from the iFLY Facebook page.

The targeting tactic generated a 41 percent engagement rate, double the average Facebook engagement rate.

Boosted Posts
Uses paid social to amplify sponsor messaging.

Live Nation promotes brand campaigns via boosted posts on sponsors’ Facebook and Twitter channels. The company targets the posts against its first party data by leveraging social pixels on LiveNation.com and TicketMaster.com.

The entertainment giant uses the posts to achieve one of the following goals, with the objective of providing value to the live entertainment fan.

  • Promote a sweepstakes (i.e., win VIP tickets to a festival courtesy of a brand)
  • Deliver integrated content to a broad live entertainment audience
  • Drive awareness of a brand or brand marketing campaign against fans of a specific music genre or sports league
  • Reach an audience proven to spend against a specific artist or team

Cisco—Live Nation’s official Wi-Fi technology partner—signed on as One Republic’s Wi-Fi and digital network architecture partner on the 2017 Honda Civic Tour, around which it enabled more than 100,000 fans to access Wi-Fi in 25 Cisco-connected Live Nation amphitheaters throughout the country.

As part of the partnership, Cisco and One Republic teamed up to donate $100,00 to the Grammy Museum’s Signature Schools Program. To enhance visibility for the announcement, Live Nation produced a :45 second video touting the donation and Cisco partnership.

Live Nation boosted a post with the video against first party purchasers/browsers of One Republic and affinity acts, a move that garnered a 40 percent engagement rate.