Jam-Packed Agenda

Get inside the minds of decision-makers from a broad spectrum of industries. Discover how to drive growth through content, channels and customer data. Get inspired by leaders who are creating better partnerships and better futures.

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Sunday, April 17

Registration11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Receive your conference badge, workbook and other materials and start preparing for a jam-packed four days of networking and learning.

Head-Start Workshops2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Led by subject-matter experts from IEG, our parent company ESP Properties and our sibling organization Two Circles.

Know Your Priorities: The Intel You Need to Find and Keep Sponsors

William Chipps, Senior Content Editor, IEG and ESP Properties
Jessi Sanchez, Senior Director, Intelligence + Analytics, ESP Properties
Make the most of your time by learning how to find and prioritize your best sponsorship prospects, plus receive tips and tools for strategic research efforts that will strengthen and grow the relationships you win.

Re-Assessing Partnership Value in a Digital World

Gareth Balch, CEO, Two Circles, Global Head of Data-Driven Marketing, ESP Properties
Tom Perros, Vice President, Valuation + Analytics, ESP Properties
From social media mentions to co-branded content, rightsholders and brands must develop ways to account for entirely new types of sponsorship benefits.

Rewriting the Rules: What Sponsors Need Now

Jim Andrews, Senior Vice President, IEG and ESP Properties
Marketers’ goals for sponsorship have changed with the times. Examine partnerships’ role in today’s marketing mix, key brand objectives, questions every sponsor should ask and answers every property must have.

Head-Start Workshops3:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Led by subject-matter experts from IEG, our parent company ESP Properties and our sibling organization Two Circles.

Selling: How to Make Radical Marketplace Shifts Work for You

Lesa Ukman, Futures Director, IEG and ESP Properties
Successfully securing sponsorship revenue is a combination of how you sell—taking full advantage of new technology, having the right skill sets, etc.—in addition to what you sell—offering new assets, rights and benefits that sponsors and prospects want. more

Telling Prospects Your Story Using Heartstrings and Hard Numbers

Stacey Goldberg, Managing Director, Consulting Group, ESP Properties
Diane Knoepke, Senior Consultant, The Alford Group
Nonprofits have hidden advantages, and real challenges, in communicating their marketing strength to potential corporate partners. Learn how to capitalize on the powerful platforms, active communities and emotional connections nonprofits offer their partners.

Understand, Involve, Connect: The Essentials of Data-driven Audience Engagement

Matt Rogan, Chairman, Two Circles
Kristen Pelachyk, Senior Director, Sponsorship Research and Analytics, ESP Properties
Rightsholders able to organize and connect their customer data offer sponsors personalization that changes the conversation from who has the biggest numbers to who can deliver the deepest insights and drive the most actionable results.

Welcome Reception4:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Let the mixing and mingling begin. The conference’s first networking event gets things off to a great start with plenty of opportunities to make new contacts and catch up with colleagues.

Download the agenda. Schedule subject to change.