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Sponsorship Measurement Essentials

Sponsorship Measurement Essentials


It has never been more critical for sponsors and their property partners to be able to prove that a sponsorship is effective at achieving marketing and business objectives. Without verification that a sponsorship has accomplished its goals, programs are in danger of being cut and deals will not be renewed.


What currently passes for sponsorship measurement does not deliver the accountability demanded by senior management and other stakeholders. Thus a majority of sponsorships are in jeopardy of not surviving, especially when companies are looking to cut budgets during the economic downturn.


Register for our Sponsorship Measurement Essentials Webinar and discover a groundbreaking approach to evaluating the success of your sponsorships.

In just 60 minutes at your desk, you will learn:

  • How to prepare to measure: the crucial element of setting objectives and baselines
  • Our measurement methodology and four-step measurement plan, plus best practices to ensure it delivers the necessary data and information
  • How to implement the plan, including measuring exposure, attitudes and behavior
  • What’s missing from most current ways of measuring: converting raw outputs into contextual outcomes
  • The role sponsored properties must play in helping sponsors evaluate success
  • How one leading sponsor took its measurement process to the next level and what that revealed about its program

What you’ll receive:

  • PDF of the PowerPoint Presentation
  • Set of related articles from Sponsorship Report
  • Free second-chance viewing during the two-week on-demand window (live Webinar attendees only)
  • Access to our sponsorship experts during interactive Q&A session
Bill Chipps

William Chipps, Senior Content Editor, IEG and ESP Properties

William covers all aspects of the sponsorship industry for IEG Sponsorship Report, uncovering and reporting on a number of key industry trends through his extensive network of contacts. IEG SR publishes IEG’s annual report and forecast of overall sponsorship spending, as well as its surveys on industry compensation and the opinions of sponsorship decision-makers.

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