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Advanced Sponsorship ROI: Meaningful Metrics

Advanced Sponsorship ROI: Meaningful Metrics


Are you and your partners able to prove that your sponsorships are delivering return on investment? Are you able to document tangible results connected to real business objectives, and not just cite impressions and Facebook likes?


Meaningful sponsorship measurement begins by understanding that sponsorship is not advertising and cannot be evaluated using media-centric constructs like reach, frequency and efficiency.

Sponsorship evaluations must go not only deeper, but broader.


Participate in our Advanced Sponsorship ROI: Meaningful Metrics Webinar and learn a new approach that reveals the actual results of partnerships across all property types by evaluating everything that is meaningful and ignoring measures that are easy to tally but worthless unless connected to outcomes further down the trail.

What you will learn:

  • What’s missing from most current ways of measuring: converting raw outputs into contextual outcomes
  • Accounting for sponsorship’s impact on paid, owned and earned media
  • The role sponsored properties must play in helping sponsors evaluate success
  • How leading sponsors are taking the measurement process to the next level and what they have learned

What you will receive:

  • Sophisticated, real-world sponsorship training delivered directly to you and your team
  • PDF of the PowerPoint Presentation
  • Free second-chance viewing during the two-week on-demand window (live Webinar attendees only)
  • Access to our sponsorship experts during interactive Q&A session
Jim Andrews

Jim Andrews, Senior Vice President

Jim is responsible for developing and sharing the thought-leadership content developed through ESP Properties’ groundbreaking work for rightsholders in the areas of sponsorship strategy, valuation, measurement, digital content, data-driven marketing and fan engagement. In addition, Jim is the chairman of the Annual Sponsorship Conference.

The presentation, materials and content of this web seminar are the intellectual property of ESP Properties, LLC and are presented for the educational use of each paying customer and their organization. Any reproduction or rebroadcast of this seminar, or the content contained within, without the expressed written consent of ESP Properties, LLC is strictly prohibited.

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