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Jim Andrews Nov 22

With Forstmann Gone, IMG Unlikely to Stay Intact

The passing of IMG chairman and CEO Ted Forstmann throws into question the company’s future in much the same way that the death of its founder Mark McCormack did seven-plus years ago. more

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Jim Andrews May 23

Perspective on IEG Consulting’s Work With Roush Fenway

One of the tricky things about posting to a corporate blog such as IEG’s is that you don’t want to hijack this—or any other social media—and use it as a platform to promote what the company does. This is a forum for sharing ideas, insights, and observations that people interested in sponsorship will find useful.  more

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Carrie Urban Kapraun Mar 5

Increased Activity around Participatory Sports Events by Amica Insurance and What it Could Mean for Properties

Since 2008, Amica Insurance, based in Rhode Island, has really stepped up its marketing activity around participatory sports events, specifically triathlons and marathons. In 2010, Amica is the title sponsor of no less than 13 events across the U.S., including a series of 10 sprint distance triathlons, an Ironman 70.3 and two marathons. What is also interesting is that almost all of these events did not exist before 2008.  more

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William Chipps Nov 25

T-Mobile Sees Success From Guerilla Marketing Campaign, Mulls Expanded Program For ’10

Festivals, Hispanic events and other types of local properties may want to put T-Mobile on their prospect list for ’10. T-Mobile this year saw success from a five-month guerilla marketing campaign in which the company sponsored more than 25 events ranging from local festivals to state and county fairs. Case in point: T-Mobile conducted more than 26,000 “Mobile Makeovers” and activated more than 5,000 new accounts at the events.  more

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Diane Knoepke Nov 12

Don’t Rip the Gatekeeper’s Arms Off

If you have ever been nervous about giving a speech or presentation, you’ve probably heard that you should picture the audience members in their underwear. If you’ve ever tried it, chances are you know how bad that advice is. In that spirit, play this 12-second video for some bad advice on how to get past the gatekeeper in your next sales effort.  more

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Diane Knoepke Nov 4

ReMIND Campaign is a Sign of Tweets to Come

In case you haven’t seen it, the Bob Woodruff Foundation (BWF) has launched, an initiative to spur consumer action in support of U.S. troops. While the Foundation provides support to members of the military, veterans and military families, the ReMIND initiative turns to the public with an awareness and fundraising goal. ReMIND has two big things going on right now:  more

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Carrie Urban Kapraun Oct 30

Sponsorship Research and Measurement

The topic of sponsorship research has been on my mind lately. Sponsorship research can help both properties and sponsors with their decision making. There are many applications for sponsorship research. It can be used to determine the fit between a property and a sponsor; it can be used by a sponsor to measure an audience’s response to its sponsorship and activation programs; it can be part of return on sponsorship or ROI exercise; a property can use information garnered from research to demonstrate to its sponsors some of the benefits of the partnership; and it can be used to track trends or changes related to the sponsorship. Some properties and sponsors have the luxury of hiring an outside research agency. However, a lot of properties and sponsors have never conducted any research, or the property or sponsor conducts its own research (which is preferable to not conducting any research). I would encourage sponsors and properties that don’t do sponsorship research to consider it, but there should be a clear purpose to the research, and the findings should be actionable, otherwise the results will be disappointing. Although the findings won’t be as specific, as a first step, a property or sponsor could consider using syndicated third-party research such as Scarborough or MediaMark (MRI).  more

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Carrie Urban Kapraun Oct 21

Close, but Not Quite a Great Activation Program

An article that appeared in the Detroit Free Press (10/17) about the Ford Taurus Game Day House Party sparked my interest. To summarize the article, Ford partnered with (a cool idea, but a terrible website, very amateur looking and slow loading) and Ford dealers to throw house parties for groups of guys across the U.S. as they watch football. The house parties were designed to promote the launch of 2010 Ford Taurus. The campaign was expected to reach about 20,000 people at 1,000 house parties. According to the article, the hosts of many of the parties would get to test drive a Taurus for the day and hosts also received a party pack that included banners, thunder sticks and a DVD featuring Fox Sports commentator Michael Strahan. Representatives from local dealers were sent to talk to hosts about the Taurus. The campaign was promoted on websites including and in print. Ford received 6,000 applications. There is also a contest component and the winner will receive a new Ford Taurus. The House Party is part of a larger campaign that Ford is launching to link the Taurus with pro football. Ford did a similar campaign during American Idol for the Fusion.  more

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Jim Andrews Oct 14

Addressing An Oversight In My Last Post

Some of you have called me out regarding my post yesterday regarding the hiring of a sponsorship agency by the City of Indianapolis. The issue is that I did not inform readers that my colleagues in the IEG Sponsorship Consulting group were among the firms that responded to the city’s RFP. That is fair criticism. I was operating under the guidelines that the IEG editorial team has lived by for years and years, i.e., our reporting and commenting is independent from and not influenced by the consulting, valuation and ROI work done by the folks in the other offices. I should not have assumed that everyone who reads this blog is aware of the strict guidelines under which we operate, and thus should have included a “full disclosure” note to provide transparency.  more

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