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William Chipps Dec 4

An Unlikely Partnership: Condoms and Curling

In perhaps the most unlikely partnership of the year, USA Curling and longtime sponsor Kodiak Technology Group this week announced a new promotion in which the two organizations will sell Hurry Hard Condoms as a platform to raise funds for HIV and AIDS awareness. The two organizations hope to build awareness about the disease by leveraging the buzz around the upcoming Vancouver Games. Proceeds will be split between USA Curling and Central Coast HIV/AIDS Services.  more

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Carrie Urban Kapraun Dec 4

Joinred on Twitter, ASPCA on Facebook, and the UN World Food Program and DoubleTree

1. Joinred on Twitter On December 1st, World AIDS Day, Twitter changed the colors of its login page from its usual shades of blue to a combination of white, gray and red. The change was to support Project Red. Facebook and Google also prominently featured Project Red on World AIDS Day. Starbucks, Gap, Dell and Nike were some of the brands that added their support. Many other causes and brands use the likes of Twitter to gain support and raise funds, so it makes sense that Twitter would partner with Project Red. On December 1st, if you used #red or #laceupsaveslives on Twitter, your tweets turned the color red. Last time I checked, Joinred had more than 900,000 Twitter followers and more than 400,000 Facebook friends. I love that Twitter is supporting Project Red, I just wish there was more information on the results of the program and the efforts of the day beyond the number of followers. Has anyone seen any results?  more

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Vinu Joseph Dec 3

Sponsorship and the White House Crashers

An interesting item coming out of the White House party crasher story is the couple’s foray into sponsorship in connection with a charity polo event. As this article from The Washington Post points out, the couple staged an international polo match which ended up with dissatisfied attendees, unpaid vendors and charities getting far less than what might have been expected. I’ll let you read the article, but a couple thoughts that came to mind from the situation  more

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Diane Knoepke Dec 2

Five Tips From the First-Time-Event Finish Line

In step with IEG’s projection that North American companies will increase their spending on marathons and running events by 2.5 percent in 2009 (to an estimated $86.1 million), I had the pleasure of participating in an inaugural half marathon event on November 22nd. The first-time event—the Women’s Running magazine Women’s Half Marathon to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society—was held in St. Petersburg, Florida. While I was first and foremost there as a charity runner, I had plenty of time on and off the course to check out the sponsorship activity. While my running resume is by no means prolific (especially compared to IEG’s resident ultramarathoner Shan Riggs), I have participated in enough races of varying distances, sizes and sponsor profiles to know the drill.  more

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Dan Kowitz Nov 24

Eco-Conscience Title Sponsorship for U.K. Sailing Team

Have you ever heard of a property donating an $8.3 million title sponsorship slot? Well you have now! Team Origin, a U.K. America’s Cup team founded by business man Keith Mills, is donating the title sponsorship of their team to Carbon Trust, an independent business set up by the U.K. government to affect positive change regarding low-carbon economies. Team Origin is an eco-conscience team at heart but they also believe this to be a good financial decision. “This is a different way of marketing sport and a model that has a lot of promise going forward” said Tom Delay, CEO of Carbon Trust. According to Mr. Delay “The team has said it believes in being sustainable in terms of our environmental impact, and we are going to attract a number of sponsors who all want to be associated with that as a core value.”  more

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Vinu Joseph Nov 20

Should Health Cause Marketers Get Involved in Health Care Debates?

Earlier this week a government-funded task force released new guidelines regarding mammography in the diagnosis and prevention of breast cancer. The announcement seemed to stir up everyone connected to the issue of breast cancer: the general public, the healthcare community and—most relevant for you—breast cancer causes. While the causes came out with their respective positions on the guidelines, I didn’t see anything from the companies who just a couple weeks ago were falling all over each other to promote their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. That said, I don’t know that I would want a department store or shoe company telling people how to handle major health decisions without a lot of due diligence to support their views.  more

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Diane Knoepke Nov 13

Extreme Makeover: Sponsorship Edition (Episode #2)

See Episode 1 for information about this blog series. Motel 6’s Great Teddy Bear Roundup Before: This week, Accor North America’s Motel 6 and Studio 6 brands launched the second annual Great Teddy Bear Roundup. This program asks people to donate new teddy bears at Motel 6/Studio 6 drop-off locations. The locations then deliver the teddy bears to local law enforcement, fire stations and hospitals that use the teddy bears “to comfort children experiencing stressful or traumatic situations.” The 2008 campaign yielded 10,000 teddy bear donations across the country. This year, the local police or fire department in the community where the most donations are made will also receive $6,000. Read the Motel 6 press release here.  more

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Lesa Ukman Nov 12

The Power of Live And Takeaways From ANA Annual Conference

Live events still are flourishing, despite the economy. The Metropolitan Opera released its individual ticket sales figures for the ’09-‘10 season after its opening night: $2.5 million, up $500,000 from last year. Meanwhile, Seattle Opera has sold out its season. Norm Langill’s fantastic Teatro ZinZanni, which just had its 10th anniversary in Seattle, fed and entertained one million people in the last 12 months. Anyone in the business of promoting or sponsoring entertainment and live events needs to experience Teatro ZinZanni, a dinner theater experience that combines circus, comedy and cabaret. With permanent locations in Seattle and San Francisco, its jaw-dropping tent holds 200 people.  more

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Jim Andrews Nov 6

Smart Sponsorship; Questionable Activation

Received a press release yesterday from Pheasants Forever, a nonprofit conservation and hunting-oriented organization, announcing that Miller High Life will again be the official beer of the group, extending a longtime relationship. MillerCoors will overlay the sponsorship with an on- and off-premise promotion that raises funds for PF. The Miller High Life Rooster Promotion allows adult consumers to purchase paper roosters for either $1 or $5, with “net funds raised” going to local PF chapters to fund wildlife habitat projects. more

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