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Carrie Urban Kapraun Mar 11

Is the Social Media Trend the Shiny Object Distracting Us From the Real Marketing Revolution – Mobile? Perhaps.

I had a light bulb moment earlier this week when I read a document called Mobile Mania (A Manual for the Second Internet Revolution) produced by Simon Silvester of Y&R (a WPP agency). It seems simple enough, but one of my take-aways was that I (we) need to start thinking of mobile devices as portable, very personal mini-computers, not as smart phones – meaning mobile devices are the evolution of computers, not the evolution of cell phones. It really is a major distinction. Everything that we do on computers and the internet will be available on mobile devices and will be improved by the personalization, immediacy and mobility that these portable devices provide.  more

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Vinu Joseph Mar 9

Are NASCAR Feuds Good For Sponsorship?

After watching this crash by NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Kobalt 500, you might be left thinking the same thing I did: “Wow, his sponsor must love all that additional exposure.” Actually, I was wondering how incidents like this one square with the sport’s efforts to maintain its fan base and, of course, attract sponsors.  more

NASCAR pro sports activation

Jon Kander Mar 3

Just Because you Aren’t an Endemic Sponsor, Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Be Endemic to the Overall Sports Experience

In a down economy, companies are forced more and more to make their sponsorships relevant and meaningful. Companies who are endemic to a particular sport are a natural fit for those particular sponsorship opportunities. However, for companies whose businesses do not naturally fit into the sports experience, they have to be a little more creative with how they activate their sponsorship platforms to make their presence meaningful to the fans and attendees. In particular, companies within the consumer and B2B technology and communications categories have done a great job of leveraging their sponsorship opportunities and made themselves largely endemic to the sports experience.  more

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Carrie Urban Kapraun Feb 26

A Company’s Sponsorship Budget Should be “a” Factor Not “the” Factor When Choosing a Property

Among the numerous considerations a sponsor must wade through to determine which properties to sponsor, cost is usually at the top of the list. Unfortunately, focusing too much on cost can sometimes lead a sponsor down the wrong path or create unnecessary boundaries, ruling out properties that might otherwise be appropriate.  more

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Rob Campbell Feb 24

Maximizing the Value of Social Media Sponsorship

As a property, incorporating sponsors into your social media presence is a logical way to enhance sponsorship value. However, similar to the old adage that you can’t put the horse before the cart, you cannot successfully incorporate sponsors into social media without a well-established social media presence.  more

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Vinu Joseph Feb 22

Would You Price A Sponsorship Like You’d Price A Steak?

Would You Price A Sponsorship Like You’d Price A Steak? If you know IEG, you know we generally advise against selling sponsorship with an a la carte menu. Surprisingly enough, this idea was affirmed for me this weekend while listening to The Splendid Table, American Public Media’s outstanding weekly food show.  more

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Diane Knoepke Feb 12

Project Runway is No “Loser” When it Comes to TV Sponsorships

Last week, my colleague Carrie posted on Ziploc’s brand integration into The Biggest Loser. I shared her confusion at how the show or the brand would think the final cut was acceptable. As Carrie put it so well, “I actually debated whether the feature should be considered branded entertainment, product placement or brand integration. Technically, it is integrated in to the show, but it just feels like a bad infomercial.”  more

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Jim Andrews Feb 10

Proof Of The Value Of Sponsorship To Coca-Cola

Yesterday’s earnings call with analysts to discuss The Coca-Cola Co.’s fourth-quarter 2009 results demonstrates the importance of the company’s global sponsorship platforms. (A transcript of the call can be found here.) Within the first few minutes of the call, Coke chairman and CEO Muhtar Kent discussed the most important initiatives underway for 2010, with the Vancouver Games and FIFA World Cup claiming center stage:  more

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Carrie Urban Kapraun Feb 5

Ziploc's Latest Brand Integration in The Biggest Loser is a Big Loser – Success is in the Details

There are several reasons why Ziploc's latest brand integration in The Biggest Loser was a bust. Somehow the :45 brand integration managed to leave me confused and conveyed nothing of value about a product that is actually useful. I have to wonder if anyone watched the integration before it aired. I actually debated whether the feature should be considered branded entertainment, product placement or brand integration. Technically, it is integrated in to the show, but it just feels like a bad infomercial. Beyond the less than stellar actual integration, it appears Ziploc needs to step-up its activation around The Biggest Loser to make it pay off.  more

branded entertainment activation

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