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Lesa Ukman Apr 15

How Social Media Is Profoundly Impacting Sponsorship, Part Two

Greetings from London, where I’m leading a discussion on social media and sponsorship for a workshop hosted by IEG and Burson Marsteller.  more

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Diane Knoepke Apr 8

This Little Partnership Went to Market. . .and Became a Really Big Deal

Chris Mann wrote a post earlier this week, directed at sponsoring brands, on how to make nonprofit partnerships successful for all parties. He asked what some of us thought via Twitter, and in commenting on his post, I realized there was more to share than a comment.  more

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Shelley Fasulko Mar 30

The Doctor Is In: Advice for Blissful Sponsorship Unions

In the past 24 hours I’ve had two conversations that revolved around romantic entanglements and what one should do when they find themselves in one of two conundrums (keep reading, I swear this takes a sponsorship turn):  more

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Shelley Fasulko Mar 24

Shelley’s Number One Lesson from IEG 2010: You Are Not an Island

For a long time I’ve prided myself on being an independent gal, a true “Single Lady” that even Beyonce would give a head nod to in the club. Not surprisingly, I value this quality in others. I like the ballsy, brashness it takes to pack up your car, drive cross country with no idea what awaits you, or to start your own business on a whim and a prayer. However, as I reach the ripe old age of thirty, I’ve learned that this independence does not serve one well in all situations. In fact, if anything, it can be downright detrimental to tapping in to a greatness that you have to offer that lies on the other side of independent bad-ass-itude.  more

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Carrie Urban Kapraun Mar 18

Triscuit Takes a Different Approach to Hunger-Relief and Leverages its Partnership with Urban Farming through a Comprehensive Program

Triscuit crackers has partnered with Urban Farming – a non-profit organization that helps provide food for people in need by planting farms on unused land – to create 50 community-based farms in 2010. The first garden was planted on March 11, 2009 in Los Angeles, CA. Last July, I wrote a blog about the gardening/home farming industry and its sponsorship potential. My thoughts were that gardening is an upward trending industry and I wanted to see more sponsorship activity from gardening related products and companies. My point was that a gardening company could use sponsorship as a platform to educate people about home farming, provide much needed information and of course demonstrate its products/services.  more

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Lesa Ukman Mar 12

How Social Media Is Profoundly Impacting Sponsorship

I will be conducting a workshop at IEG’s Unbound conference on how sponsors and rightsholders are effectively using social media to engage and connect with fans. And on April 15, I will be in London for a similar session with Burson Marsteller on the topic. In preparing for those discussions, I have come across a great many examples that demonstrate the depth and breadth of these extensions. Here are a few:  more

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Jon Kander Mar 11

Not Sold on Lewis Hamilton’s Secret Life

Formula 1 driver, Lewis Hamilton, and Reebok unveiled an alternate reality game (ARG) yesterday called Lewis Hamilton: Secret Life. Hamilton is the central character in this game, which allows its users to experience a facet of Hamilton’s “life” beyond being a Formula 1 driver. The overall goal of the game is to help Lewis train and prepare to recover priceless artworks, sculptures and manuscripts from thieves. Apparently (or as Reebok would like you to believe), Hamilton is a big “The Thomas Crown Affair” fan and bypassing museum security/stealing priceless artifacts is his secret passion.  more

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Carrie Urban Kapraun Mar 11

Is the Social Media Trend the Shiny Object Distracting Us From the Real Marketing Revolution – Mobile? Perhaps.

I had a light bulb moment earlier this week when I read a document called Mobile Mania (A Manual for the Second Internet Revolution) produced by Simon Silvester of Y&R (a WPP agency). It seems simple enough, but one of my take-aways was that I (we) need to start thinking of mobile devices as portable, very personal mini-computers, not as smart phones – meaning mobile devices are the evolution of computers, not the evolution of cell phones. It really is a major distinction. Everything that we do on computers and the internet will be available on mobile devices and will be improved by the personalization, immediacy and mobility that these portable devices provide.  more

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Vinu Joseph Mar 9

Are NASCAR Feuds Good For Sponsorship?

After watching this crash by NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Kobalt 500, you might be left thinking the same thing I did: “Wow, his sponsor must love all that additional exposure.” Actually, I was wondering how incidents like this one square with the sport’s efforts to maintain its fan base and, of course, attract sponsors.  more

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