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Carrie Urban Kapraun Jul 16

A Rant on Post-Event Fulfillment/Sponsorship Recap Reports

After reading Bill Chipps’ recent blog on post-event fulfillment reports, I realized that I had a lot of opinions on what a post-event fulfillment/sponsorship recap report should and shouldn’t be. I have to be upfront, as a Senior Valuation Analyst, I don’t write fulfillment reports and I don’t typically give a lot of advice on them (I leave that to our expert consulting staff), but as someone who reviews and sorts through boxes and binders of sponsorship information for both properties and sponsors, I have some pretty clear ideas of what types of information I like and what information makes my job easier. Additionally, as an objective third-party, I often hear sponsors’ gripes about their partnerships, which can include complaints about lackluster fulfillment reports. Frankly, sometimes I feel like a sponsorship therapist. Finally, I’ve seen quite a few fulfillment reports, some good and some not so great.  more

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Lesa Ukman Jul 14

Good News/Bad News for Sponsorship

Some good news for sponsorship: Compared to other forms of marketing, brand sponsorship experienced the greatest increase in levels of trust in the two years since the last Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey of more than 25,000 Internet consumers from 50 countries. A full 64 percent of consumers surveyed in April said they trust brand sponsorship, up from 49 percent in April 2007. Latin American consumers are most trusting of brand sponsorships, with 81 percent of both Colombians and Venezuelans, and 79 percent of Brazilians, trusting brand sponsorships. U.S. consumers came in 12th, with 72 percent trusting brand sponsorships. Sponsorships held the least sway among Swedes (33 percent), Latvians (36 percent) and Finns (38 percent). Latin Americans appear to bring their positive feelings about sponsorship with them to the U.S. IEG research reveals that Latino consumers are among the most responsive audiences to sponsorship.  more

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Diane Knoepke Jul 10

Where the Moms Are, Ideas Wait for You (Theme Park Edition)

Dear theme parks and sponsors who want to reach families with children: Moms (and Dads) have a message for you. Whether it’s a season pass to a nearby Six Flags or a pilgrimage to a Disney land or world, parents are online talking about how to take the family to an amusement park without asking for a loan from the kids’ piggy banks. And while they chat, they are laying out a wealth of information about the types of promotions and amenities that would succeed for sponsors and parks alike. A few examples, of many:  more

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Carrie Urban Kapraun Jul 8

The Problem with Target Audience Definitions; Sponsorship is the Solution

A typical consumer target audience for an advertising or marketing campaign usually looks something like this: women, ages 25-54, with a household income $50,000+. The target geography is defined (e.g., national, top 20 DMA’s) and maybe there is something about household size, presence of children or stated ethnicity. For good measure, a target audience may also include some other sort of purchasing behavior, usage behavior, or other ownership criteria, such as “consumes soft drinks five times a week” or is a “heavy-user” of soft drinks. As marketers we try to create a picture of our target audience by creating a lifestyle analysis or by developing some sort of “day in the life” exercise. I remember a particular time when I presented a media “day in the life/lifestyle” scenario to a client, only to have him protest the inclusion of the band U2 in the audience profile. He was certain that his target audience didn’t listen to U2. Besides the fact that U2 is super, super popular rock band, the scenario was meant to be directional, and honestly we didn’t have any really firm data to dispute or confirm the conclusion.  more

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Lesa Ukman Jun 15

What’s Your Story?

Watching the German telecast of the French Open here in Italy, ads for Longines watches touted the amazing work of the Andre Agassi Foundation. A revealing twist to standard endorsements, Longines creative saluted the accomplishments of Andre’s foundation rather than Andre singing the praises of Longines. Tying to substance rather than pure celebrity hits the spot in these more modest times (see my previous post on The New Modesty). And in a world of product parity in most every category—plus rampant commercialization—the most valuable assets of sponsorships and endorsements are morphing. For example, the implied endorsement of official product status used to have far more value than it does now. Directionally, the value’s in the audience affinity and the story that can be told.  more

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Jim Andrews Mar 30

What Are Consumers Telling Us?

Those of you who subscribe to IEG Sponsorship Report have seen the March 30 issue’s In Depth article, which takes a look at the Performance Research consumer study I mentioned in a blog post last week.  more

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Jim Andrews Mar 17

Has The Economy Fundamentally Changed the Climate for Sponsorship?

Those who attended IEG’s Singularity conference last week and sat in on the session led by Jed Pearsall and Bill Doyle—cofounders of Performance Research—were privy to an overview of the fascinating new consumer study they just completed that deals with the impact of the economy on consumer perceptions.  more


Daniel I. Dorfman Mar 9

Monday Session Recap from the 2009 IEG Sponsorship Conference

On the first full day of the 2009 IEG Sponsorship Conference, the presentations came out in full force as representatives of sponsors and properties exchanged ideas on how to go about meeting their needs today.  more

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