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Lesa Ukman Apr 16

Fast Feeders Placing More Orders for Sponsorship

Properties looking for prospects not afraid to take on new or bigger sponsorships (and who isn’t?) should look to quick-service restaurants.  more


William Chipps Mar 11

Insights from Willie Cone, Executive Producer & Senior Consultant, Event Marketing & Promotions

Industry veteran Willie Cone shared some great sales tips for nonprofits in his presentation Cause Marketing Partnerships: The Real Deal.  more

how to get sponsorship IEG conference nonprofit selling strategic philanthropy cause marketing

Daniel I. Dorfman Mar 11

Wednesday Session Recap from the 2009 IEG Sponsorship Conference

Despite an intense schedule of meetings since Sunday, there was still a lot of energy at the final panels of the IEG Sponsorship Conference Wednesday morning.  more

IEG conference pro sports selling sports how to get sponsorship

William Chipps Mar 10

Insights from Tom Dewar, JA Worldwide

What does the Ronco Veg-O-Matic have to do with sponsorship?  more

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William Chipps Mar 9

Insights from Chris Brahe, NBA New Jersey Nets

The NBA New Jersey Nets have taken some creative steps to land new corporate partners and boost ticket sales.  more

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William Chipps Mar 9

Insights from Emerging Categories Roundtable

This morning I led a roundtable on emerging and transforming sponsor categories, and a number of people that weren’t able to attend the session asked if I could post the categories on the blog.  more

IEG conference media sponsorship selling how to get sponsorship

Daniel I. Dorfman Mar 8


Given that it was a six hour session, it should come as no surprise there was a lot of ground covered in the session that IEG’s Rebecca Joslin and Diane Knoepke led for a group anxious to get their feet wet on what is going in the sponsorship world. It was interesting way to start the IEG 2009 Conference. Rebecca Joslin and Diane Knoepke took participants a litany of bullet points of what companies are looking for in this brutal economic era.  more

how to get sponsorship IEG conference nonprofit selling cause marketing

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