With President Donald Trump pledging “America First” during his inaugural address, U.S. Customs and Border Protection is using sponsorship to help fulfill its mission of securing America’s borders.

The largest federal law enforcement agency in the U.S. is sponsoring college sports, country music and endurance sports to promote job opportunities and recruit new employees.

Ties include the Spartan Race obstacle course series, Bayou Country Superfest (New Orleans), Country Thunder Music Festival (Florence, Ariz.), Tortuga Music Festival (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.), Off the Rails Country Music Fest (Frisco, Texas) and the Big Ten and Big 12 collegiate athletic conferences.

CBP plans to hire 1,700 agents in 2017 to meet its staffing goals of more than 21,000 recruits, according to CNBC. While the agency receives between 55,000 and 65,000 applicants in a given year, only 1 in 175 applicants actually become an agent, according to news outlet.

The sponsorships are managed by CBP’s National Frontline Recruitment Command within the Office of Human Resources Management. The NFRC is charged with frontline recruitment across three law enforcement offices: Office of Field Operations, U.S. Border Patrol and Air and Marine Operations.

“CBP has conducted research on many of the candidates who have successfully ‘entered on duty’ for our law enforcement positions. We have determined that these sponsorships have the potential to maximize our return on investment in attracting candidates interested in our law enforcement positions,” said Shirley Chen Barry, NFRC chief of staff.

“We believe these candidates will successfully complete our rigorous hiring process.”

While CBP uses both traditional media and sponsorship as part of its recruiting campaign, sponsorship provides direct access to potential candidates, more visibility in target markets and the opportunity to attract veteran, minority and other underrepresented groups, according to the agency.

“The diversity of the college-age demographic is appealing to CBP. In addition to college students being right within our age demographic—there are some maximum age limitations for those entering law enforcement positions—the college sports program allows us to reach underrepresented demographics such as females and minorities.”

CBP activates the ties with on-site recruitment booths staffed by officers and agents and color and flag presentations by the CBP Honor Guard.

CBP partnered with the Spartan Race based on research that its officers and agents enjoy outdoor activities including sports and extreme sports.

“Spartan Race participants demonstrate a lot of dedication to training and perseverance to overcome challenges. These are traits required to be a successful officer and agent in CBP.”

The partnership includes CBP banners on obstacles, inclusion in the Spartan Race podcast, Honor Guard presentations and branding opportunities within the Spartan Race nationally televised event.

CBP’s former commissioner was interviewed during a televised Spartan Race event.

CBP works with sponsored properties to identify areas and resources that have a high applicant-to-hire ratio. CBP also measures success based on the increase in number of successful or viable applicants.

Miami-based Integrated Marketing Group spearheads and executes sponsorship on behalf of the law enforcement agency.