While it may be a business-to-business company, Shopify is taking a decidedly B2B and B2C approach to sponsorship.

The e-commerce company sponsored last weekend’s ComplexCon pop culture festival to help small businesses take their online presence offline and reach budding entrepreneurs.

“We’re a B2B company, but we believe anyone can be an entrepreneur. We’re seeing that shift happen very quickly,” said Arati Sharma, Shopify director of offline marketing.

Shopify was drawn to the hundreds of young and creative festival attendees who may soon launch their own brands and merchandise, she said. “The sponsorship is a great way to showcase great brands that already use Shopify.”

Shopify partnered with ComplexCon due to the large number of customers with a retail presence at the festival. The company powers online stores for roughly 150 merchants that exhibited at the show, including those in one of its key verticals: sneaker companies.

“Shopify owns large market share among sneaker stores. Our platform is built for flash sales, including exclusive releases.”

The company helped the merchants take the online shopping experience offline via its proprietary point-of-sale equipment, said Sharma.

Other players in the e-commerce category include Amazon Webstore, Bigcommerce, Magento and WooCommerce.