The Kind is using sponsorship to mainstream cannabis culture.

The digital media company “dedicated to today’s expanding cannabis lifestyle” sponsored last month’s Life is Beautiful music festival in Las Vegas and is mulling similar partnerships with other music festivals.

The strategy: create “event within the event” experiences where attendees can meet other cannabis users, learn about relevant products and bond over shared interests.

The company looks to add value to the experience via partnerships with endemic companies in the cannabis category.

Case in point: The Kind activated Life is Beautiful with the KINDLAND House, a live comedy club and cannabis-community showcase. The company secured two sponsors for the on-site footprint: Hi There!, a social network for cannabis users, and Blunt Box, a brand of prepared marijuana products

Cannabis consumption was not allowed at the KINDLAND House, said Mike France, founder and CEO of Temerity Media and The Kind.

“The model (in the cannabis industry) is to create consumption opportunities where you can smoke as much weed as possible. Our goal is to find a different way to mainstream cannabis culture so we can promote the benefits of cannabis and have people discover it in a setting that is palatable and respectful to all.”

France points to Sweetgreen’s Sweetlife music festival as a source for inspiration. The fast-casual restaurant chain sponsors the Columbia, Md. music festival to celebrate music, food and community and support its “sense of purpose” positioning by blending music with culinary partners who share its corporate values of sustainability, transparent values and community.

The Kind was drawn to Life is Beautiful for three primary reasons: 1) the number of attendees from the West Coast, a mature market for the cannabis industry; 2) a young demographic that represents the majority of cannabis users; 3) and a November ballot measure that seeks to legalize marijuana in Nevada.

Yes On 2, a group organizing and supporting efforts towards legalizing adult recreational marijuana use in the state, also had a presence.

“With Nevada in the middle of implementing a medical marijuana program and recreational use on the ballot, it was the perfect time and place to be representing mainstream cannabis culture.”

“Kind did a good job meshing the two cultures: festivalgoers and people curious about cannabis,” said Ryan Doherty, chief experience officer with Life is Beautiful and co-founder of Wendoh Media.