Pleased with its sponsorship of the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience, Funyuns has reupped the partnership for year two.  

The snack food brand, which partnered with the festival to build awareness among young millennials, credits the sponsorship with driving more than 30 million impressions and over 75,000 social media engagements.

Below, Haston Lewis, Frito-Lay North America senior director of marketing, discusses results from the sponsorship, activation plans for the 2016 festival, and more.

On the thinking behind the sponsorship
The key marketing objective for us was to drive awareness of our brand by strengthening our relationship with our fans through real world connections.

Knowing that music festivals are a passion for our core consumer, young millennials, we sought to find one that aligned with our brand—one that was a little quirky/weird, unconventional and unique. The Voodoo Music + Arts Experience aligned perfectly with those guardrails. By partnering with Voodoo Music + Arts Experience in 2015, we were able to connect with Funyuns fans in an energetic, live setting that’s authentic to them and uniquely fits the brand.

Sponsoring the Voodoo music festival last year was our first run at a sponsorship and we were very pleased with the results. We more than tripled our Twitter followers during the festival and received over 33M impressions and 75K engagements. Onsite, our 360 degree photo experience captured photos of 1,135 festival attendees and the “Wish Upon the Rings” activation (which invited fans onsite to tweet their wishes to have them granted through the wish machine) generated 716,000 social media impressions.

On lessons learned from the Voodoo sponsorship
In 2015 we activated our sponsorship around the theme House of Funyuns. The House of Funyuns provided festival attendees the opportunity to create a GIF in a 360-degree photo booth, engage with a “magical” wish granting prize machine, sample Funyuns product and attend meet-and-greets with various band members performing at the festival. For those that did not attend the festival, they were able to follow the action on Twitter, the Funyuns Tumblr site and Spin Media’s digital and social sites.

We also partnered with key retailers in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge markets with Voodoo thematic displays. The in-store displays and POS materials offered shoppers the opportunity to enter a text-to-win sweepstakes through which they have the chance to win festival passes and Spin Media merchandise during the run-up to the festival.  

The biggest lesson for us was to focus on one experience on-site versus multiple experiences. This year we are leveraging a cool, engaging idea that reinforces the unique experience of our brand. 

On activating the 2016 festival with the Funyuns “Exhaleorometer”
This year we wanted to focus our activation on one of the unique attributes of our brand that our most loyal consumers talk about in social, Funyuns breath! We developed a fun, interactive experience where festival attendees can eat some Funyuns and then measure how much Funyuns breath they have with our Exhaleorometer. As fans unleash their #funyunsbreath, the Exhaleorometer will begin measuring their breath while simultaneously converting the experience into a slo-mo, branded GIF—making this a fun and shareable opportunity for their social platforms.

In addition to our on-site activation, we will also be leveraging digital, social and point of sale in-store to have an integrated, 360 approach.  

On activating the sponsorship with geo-targeted mobile display ads
Similar to last year, we have partnered with retailers around New Orleans and neighboring cities to bring the Voodoo thematic and point of sale displays in-store. Unique this year, however, is our partnership with Verve to deliver geo-targeted mobile display ads that connect festival attendees to store locations where they can purchase our product. Once in-store, the POS displays will offer shoppers the opportunity to enter a text-to-win sweepstakes through which they have the chance to win festival passes and Spin Media merchandise during the run-up to the festival.

On social media activation
We are activating through Tumblr, Twitter and Snap. Our activation with Snap is unique to our Voodoo partnership this year and our first experience leveraging the platform. We will have a custom geo-filter to tie into the Voodoo experience. We will also encourage festival attendees to post the unique GIFs they create within our Exhaleorometer on their social channels and leverage the hashtag #funyunsbreath.

On the possibility of other sponsorships
We currently have only sponsored and activated at the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience. However, the team is currently reviewing other potential platforms that would be a good fit with our brand.