Quest Diagnostics, Inc. is partnering with pro sports teams and endurance sports events to promote its first service designed specifically for athletes.

The clinical testing company has kicked off three sponsorships on behalf of its Blueprint for Athletes service: the WNBA New York Liberty, Ironman Boulder and the Leadville Trail 100 ultramarathon.

Quest is titling Ironman Boulder and Leadville 100 on behalf of Blueprint for Athletes, while the service gains exposure on New York Liberty practice jerseys.

Blueprint for Athletes is a medical-grade testing service designed to help professional and amateur athletes improve their performance. The service measures health markers ranging from fueling and hydration to food sensitivity and recovery.

“Diagnostic testing is nascent in sports. Athletes may know they have a sensitivity to certain foods, but they don’t know which foods. That’s not something that’s part of the common fabric of sports,” said Richard Schwabacher, executive director, Quest Diagnostics Sports and Human Performance.

Quest has already received positive feedback from athletes, said Schwabacher, noting that one competitor at last week’s Leadville 100—a marathon that crosses 15,000-foot mountains—compared Blueprint for Athletes to traditional blood tests with the analogy of a “high-definition smart TV” versus a “TV set with rabbit ears.”

The ability for an athlete to monitor vitamin levels and other health metrics could make the difference between a won and a lost game, said Kristin Bernert, senior vice president of business and basketball operations with the New York Liberty, which is offering the service to players.

“Basketball is determined by something as simple as a tip-off. If an athlete is truly operating at peak performance that tip may go their way.”

Quest promoted Blueprint for Athletes at an on-site booth at Ironman Boulder and Leadville 100, around which it offered attendees an introductory price.

Athletes sign up for service and access test results on Quest is launching the service in select markets in 2015 with plans for a national rollout in 2016.

Customers provide blood samples at Quest Diagnostics patient service centers and health fairs held in conjunction with sponsored properties.

Launches Sponsorship Push With New York Giants
Quest Diagnostics entered the sponsorship waters in 2013 with the NFL New York Giants and the Quest Diagnostics Training Center.

Quest partnered with the team to raise its profile in the wake of the Affordable Care Act and the evolving healthcare market. The deal follows the appointment of Steve Rusckowski as president and CEO.

“Having our presence on the training center opens us up to fans in a densely popularity part of the country. It gives us a bullhorn to talk about the things we do.”

Quest uses the tie to promote the importance of health awareness and clinical testing. The company last year presented an October game to promote breast cancer awareness. Quest and the Giants honored a breast cancer survivor who spoke about the importance of health tests.

With more than 45,000 employees and revenues of $7.4 billion, Quest Diagnostics provides clinical lab testing to one in three Americans every year and serves half of the physicians and hospitals in the U.S.