With the exception of the BNY Mellon Boat Race in London, The Bank of New York Mellon Corp. has kept a fairly low presence on the sponsorship scene.

But that is starting to charge.

The company recently inked two significant sponsorships: presenting status of Boston’s Head of the Charles Regatta and cosponsorship of the NFL San Francisco 49ers, a tie that affords founding status of Levi’s Stadium, the team’s future home in Santa Clara, Calif.

The wealth management company uses sponsorship to accomplish five primary objectives:

  • Build exposure in markets with a large employee base  
  • Promote attributes of teamwork and collaboration
  • Entertain intermediaries and other stakeholders
  • Promote thought leadership
  • Recruit employees

For example, BNY Mellon uses the Head of the Charles regatta to build visibility in Boston, the location of its wealth management headquarters and Standish investment management subsidiary.

BNY Mellon will activate the Oct. 19-20 event with client hospitality. The company will host its annual investment conference in Boston the week of the event, around which it will host customers and other stakeholders at the regatta.  

The sponsorship provides an opportunity to engage stakeholders outside of conference rooms and other marketing vehicles, said Paul Nobile, director of marketing for BNY Mellon Investment Management.

“Access and transparency is something that our clients value, and that can be hard to convey through white papers and webinars. Nothing is as valuable as one-to-one conversations.”

The Head of the Charles builds on BNY Mellon’s sponsorship of the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race in London. The financial services company last year signed five-year title of the nearly 200 year-old event.

In addition to gaining exposure on the race’s TV broadcast—the event is viewed by roughly seven million people on the BBC—BNY Mellon uses the sponsorship to promote its thought leadership through an affiliation with the prestigious schools.

“Investment management is about delivering smart solutions and working with the brightest minds in the industry. An association with two world class legendary institutions felt right for us.”

The sport of rowing also provides a platform to promote the company’s attributes of teamwork and collaboration,  said Nobile.

“Rowing is about pulling in unison to win—it’s not about one star player.”

The company activated the April boat race with the Which Blue Are You? campaign, around which it encouraged fans to share their school affiliation on www.WhichBlueAreYou.com. The site also features news, games and other content.

The sponsorship was driven in part on behalf of BNY Mellon’s Newton subsidiary, a London-based asset management company.

BNY Mellon partnered with the San Francisco 49ers to build its presence in California, the location of the company’s Mellon Capital unit. The subsidiary is based in San Francisco.  

The company was drawn to the team’s new stadium in Silicon Valley, a market of interest to its wealth management business, said Nobile, noting that BNY Mellon plans to open an office in the market in the near future.

In addition to providing visibility in front of affluent consumers, the bank also will use the tie to recruit employees from the technology industry. 

“BNY Mellon provides services that allow the financial system to work, and because of that we’re a huge recruiter of top technology talent. I can’t image a better recruiting vehicle than one in Santa Clara County—it has the best and brightest minds in technology.”