Having locked down partnerships with nearly every major sports property in its New York City hometown, the Hospital for Special Surgery is setting its sights on properties located in other parts of the country—and beyond.

The hospital, which bills itself as having the largest sports medicine practice in the country, has added mixed martial arts, tennis tournaments and other properties to its already sizeable sponsorship portfolio.

Ties include the Ultimate Fighting Championship, QQQ Champions Series by Invesco and February’s inaugural ATP New York Open.

Like other hospitals, HSS uses sponsorship to accomplish two primary objectives: showcase its medical expertise and secure new business from professional athletes, collegiate athletes and weekend warriors.

Unlike other hospitals, HSS takes a global approach to sponsorship. The healthcare provider is placing more focus on international markets, including the Dominican Republic, Panama and Peru.

“We’re having more conversations with national and international properties that can deliver outside New York City,” said Emil Calcano, HSS chief of global sports marketing and business development.

HSS kicked off the global sponsorship push in the Dominican Republic, its largest international market. HSS saw nearly 350 patients from the country in 2017, with more than 100 going to HSS for surgery.

Sponsored properties include the Leones del Escogido baseball team and the Liga Nacional de Baloncesto (LNB) basketball league. HSS leverages the partnerships with educational seminars on injury prevention, including one earlier this year with the national basketball league.

The sponsorships have helped drive a roughly 400 percent increase in business in the country over the past five years, said Calcano.

Based on those results, HSS has expanded the sponsorship strategy to Panama and Peru. The hospital sponsored a golf tournament that benefited Special Olympics in 2017 and is in conversations about a potential partnership with the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru.

And partnerships with European soccer clubs may soon be in the works.

Calcano plans to discuss HSS’s medical expertise with representatives from FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and other soccer teams at the June 2-4 International Conference on Sports Rehabilitation and Traumatology in Barcelona. HSS is a designated hospital with the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence, a conference host.

“Right now, it’s about building informal relationships with clubs and customized VIP access for players, and we’ll see what comes from that.”

HSS’s sponsorship strategy differs from other hospitals in another way. HSS looks to provide medical expertise to every sponsored property.

Case in point: HSS sports medicine physicians serve as orthopedic consultants to the UFC as part of the hospital’s multiyear partnership with the MMA organization.

“Many hospitals use sports to amplify their message. We do it differently. We’re the official hospital and day-to-day medical provider.”

HSS formalized its sponsorship strategy in 2013 following the hiring of Calcano, a former executive with Madison Square Garden and the New York Yankees.

Calcano and this team have kept busy: HSS has grown its sports marketing portfolio by roughly 70 percent over the past five years. Sports medicine represents roughly one-third of the hospital’s volume, a metric the executive attributes in part to the organization’s use of sports marketing.

Other HSS partnerships include the Brooklyn Nets, New York Knicks, New York Red Bulls, New York Road Runners and the TCS New York City Marathon.