Having had success connecting college athletic programs to create national marketing platforms and drive incremental revenue from brand partners, multimedia rightsholder Learfield is now connecting the dots between its recent acquisitions to help schools sell more tickets.

Learfield is leveraging its acquisition of Mogo Interactive, Sidearm Sports and Paciolan to help drive ticket sales via online marketing campaigns. The company acquired Sidearm (school websites) in 2014 followed by Mogo (digital marketing) and Paciolan (ticketing software) in 2017.

The three companies replicate the data-driven marketing practices of Amazon and other e-commerce companies to offer personalized messages to fans.

Sidearm and Mogo work together to identify potential ticket buyers based on their location and online history. Mogo then serves up direct ads and retargeted ads that direct consumers back to a Sidearm-powered school website to purchase tickets on the Paciolan platform.

“Working together, (Sidearm, Mogo and Paciolan) build targeted audiences by collecting fans’ browsing history, team affinity and purchase intent, then segment the data to deliver relevant ads with the right message to the right person at the right time to convert ticket sales,” said Kim Damron, Paciolan president and CEO.

And schools are seeing a return on their advertising spend as a result of the fan engagement platform.

The University of Colorado has generated $9 in ticket revenue for every $1 spent on a Mogo-driven marketing campaign, while the University of Southern California has generated $22 to $27 in ticket revenue for every $1 spent.

“The root of everything that we do is to sell tickets. An increase in our sales funnel gives us more opportunities to find and create new business, and ultimately have a measurable return,” said Craig Kelley, chief marketing officer with the University of Southern California athletics department.

Kelley credits the platform with allowing the school to make changes to its online marketing campaigns based on Mogo’s real-time data reporting, something it can’t do with traditional media.

USC this month switched up marketing tactics for a matchup against UNC Asheville based on the number of tickets sold the night before.

“By making changes in real-time, you can see success throughout the ticket-selling process. The platform gives you a good understanding of what you need to do to push tickets and when you need to push them.”

Learfield markets the fan engagement platform to the more than 100 schools it represents in terms of multimedia rights, as well as schools it does not represent. The University of Southern California, for example, works with Fox Sports as its multimedia rightsholder.

Learfield also positions its data analytics expertise as a sponsor activation platform for schools it represents for sponsorship sales.

“All clients benefit from this fan engagement platform. Of course, there are synergies and efficiencies with data and audience building that can enhance brand partner activation within the Learfield family of multimedia right clients.”