After finding a good fit with the Summer X Games, Fruit of the Loom is trying on a new partnership with Chicago’s Lollapalooza music festival.

The Berkshire Hathaway-owned company will use the sponsorship to promote its new EverLight underwear, a product it bills as the lightest underwear (1.9 oz.) it has ever made.

Fruit of the Loom launched an ad campaign for the men’s EverLight line during the NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament. The company plans to launch a women’s line later this spring.

Fruit of the Loom will use Lollapalooza to promote the product in an interactive, one-on-one environment.

“Fruit of the Loom is a lighthearted and fun brand that is open to doing different things to reach consumers. Lollapalooza draws a diverse group of fans who want to listen to great music and have fun, and we’ll connect with customers and prospective customers on an intimate level,” said Bryse Yonts, Fruit of the Loom manager of brand communications.

The sponsorship comes amid a backdrop of increased competition in the underwear category. Iconic brands such as Fruit of the Loom and Hanes are facing growing competition from sports apparel companies (Nike, Under Armour, etc.), premium brands (Duluth Trading Co., etc.) and subscription underwear services (Adore Me, Mack Weldon, Panty Drop, etc.).

Fruit of the Loom in 2017 launched Fruit to Your Door, its own subscription underwear service.

“Consumers have many choices on where to buy underwear, and we want to make a lasting impression. By going to places where people have fun, and not just trying to market to them, hopefully we’ll build a rapport.”

While Fruit of the Loom has not yet flushed out its activation plans for the August festival, the company plans to follow the same strategy it has executed over the past three years with the Summer X Games, a partnership it will continue in 2018.

The crux of the strategy: on-site consumer experiences that promote new products and product functionality in a fun and immersive environment.

Fruit of the Loom used the 2015 Summer X Games to promote its new Stay Tucked Crew men’s undershirt. The company touted the shirt’s functionality via a competition that awarded prizes to attendees who could untuck the shirt while riding a mechanical bull.

Fruit of the Loom used year two with the Summer X Games to promote a new line of breathable underwear. The company demonstrated the product via an on-site sky dive simulator and amplified the promotion with the hashtag Get Big Air.

Fruit of the Loom promoted the breathable underwear line at the 2017 Summer X Games in Minneapolis with a competition in which attendees raced down a wind tunnel. The tunnel was powered by a fan from the movie Twister.

“We always try to go over the top in a fun and engaging way.”

Fruit of the Loom also plans to partner with a social media influencer (potentially an artist who will perform at the music festival) to generate buzz around its on-site presence. The company has hosted autograph-signing sessions with athletes at the Summer X Games.

The company is also considering using its on-site presence to build a prospect database for its Fruit to Your Door service, said Yonts, noting that attendees will have to opt-in to receive follow-up information.

While it could have sponsored any music festival around the country, Fruit of the Loom choose Lollapalooza due to three primary factors: the event’s stature in the music festival industry, its geographic location (Fruit of the Loom’s retail base is concentrated in the Midwest and Southeast U.S.) and timing (the EverLight advertising campaign runs through September).