Carnival Cruise Line has embarked on a new marketing strategy designed to maximize value from its extensive sports and entertainment portfolio.

The world’s largest cruise line is placing more focus on leveraging celebrity endorsers, professional sports teams and other strategic partnerships with multi-disciplinary programs designed to draw new customers, increase guest satisfaction and drive loyalty.

That includes using celebrities not just in advertising and PR campaigns, but also to enhance the onboard experience.

“If we envision a partnership that has strong marketing assets, how might that same partner also deliver added value onboard and at retail?” said Scott Becher, Carnival Cruise Line vice president and head of partnerships.

Becher points to Carnival’s partnership with Paramount Network’s Lip Sync Battle as an example. Carnival hosts lip sync battles with celebrity endorsers, including athletes from sponsored teams, and promotes the events across multiple marketing platforms and PR initiatives.

“There are a lot of disciplines in the marketing mix. That’s a big part of my role—making sure we’re getting the most out of every sponsorship.”

Carnival also is putting the integrated marketing strategy to work with suppliers. The cruise line partnered with The Coca-Cola Co. on a promotion around the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games, around which consumers who purchased its “Bottomless Bubbles” soda and juice package received a limited-edition tumbler that featured the names and likenesses of three of Coke’s Olympic endorsers.

“It was a simple, relevant way of taking our partnership with Coke and extending it to the onboard experience,” said Becher, noting that the two companies have more promotions planned over the next six months.

Carnival also is placing more focus on mining value from team sponsorships and promotions. The company in late 2017 launched a sweepstakes with the New Orleans Saints that dangled the chance to win a free cruise every time the team threw more than 300 yards during a game.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees served as the face of the campaign, with the Brees Dream Foundation serving as its beneficiary.

Saints backup quarterback Chase Daniels also got involved in the campaign, going so far as to make a surprise visit to the home of a sweepstakes winner, with the team broadcasting the visit on Facebook Live.

The campaign generated more buzz, sweepstakes entries and database opt-ins than typical promotions, said Becher, noting that the promo helped Carnival and Saints fans celebrate their shared passion.

“It ended up being a big story for us as a sponsor and the Saints as a property.”

Carnival also leans on sponsorship to promote new ships.

The cruise line in January partnered with the Jacksonville Jaguars to promote a refurbished ship docked out of Jacksonville, Fla. The team promoted the partnership via a series of digital vignettes that featured Jaguars athletes, cheerleaders and the team mascot on the ship.

The Jaguars distributed the content on its web site and other distribution channels at the end of the 2017-2018 season and into the playoffs.

Carnival Corp. owns seven other cruise lines in addition to Carnival including Cunard, Holland America and Princess Cruises.