Hospitals, health insurance and other companies in the healthcare industry are increasingly being joined by a small but growing segment of the category using sponsorship: alternative wellness companies.

Whole-body cryotherapy, oxygen therapy and other niche health and wellness treatments are partnering with pro sports teams and other types of properties to reach athletes as well as the public at large.

Many segments of the category focus on professional sports as a platform to reach athletes, although their portfolios may soon broaden as they seek to reach a larger audience.

Take cryotherapy. While the deep-freeze therapy was once used to treat arthritis, muscle inflammations and other medical conditions, cryotherapy is increasingly gaining popularity among celebrities, fashionistas and others looking for alternative health, wellness and beauty treatments.

The therapy typically involves standing in a walk-in chamber (“cryosauna”) where the patent is exposed to subzero temperatures for several minutes. The subzero water triggers blood vessels near the skin to constrict and send blood to major organs to maintain core body temperature.

The category includes both individual clinics (Cryo Clinic, Elemental Float and Cryotherapy, etc.) and national companies (US Cryotherapy, etc.).

And a growing number are using sponsorship, with a focus on professional soccer.

Deals include Chill Zone Cryo and FC Cincinnati; EliteCryo and FC Dallas; and US Cryotherapy and Phoenix Rising.

The companies use sponsorship to build visibility and credibility. Most deals include a service agreement in addition to a cash fee.

“Recovery is key to the players’ success on the pitch and with the help of US Cryotherapy, our players are returning to the pitch in the best possible shape,” said Phoenix Rising FC head coach Patrice Carteron, in a statement.

US Cryotherapy gains status as official wellness and recovery partner of the United Soccer League team.

Below, three other segments of the alternative medicine category using sponsorship.

Regenerative cell therapy. Orig3n sponsors the Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco’s Alaskan Airlines Bay to Breakers footrace and other properties to promote its DNA testing service. The company also uses the ties to gain DNA samples from attendees, with the goal of creating the world’s largest stem cell repository.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy. One of the smaller segments of the alternative wellness category, HBOT clinics primarily use sponsorship to promote their sports medicine practices. Baromedical Associates, for example, sponsors FC Dallas.

Hydration therapy. I.V. therapy providers are increasingly taking their services to music festivals, marathons and other events where attendees may need hydration. Deals include Rapid Recovery Hydration Solutions and the KAABOO music festival.