Properties willing to take a chance on a small and potentially questionable industry may be able to tap a new source of sponsorship revenue.

The category: hydration therapy services.

The services use I.V. hydration, vitamin infusions and injections to provide relief from everything from the common cold and the flu to hangovers, migraine headaches, jet lag and fatigue.

Most of the clinics position themselves as health and wellness companies, while others focus purely on hangover relief.

Companies include Hydrate Medical (North Carolina), City Hydration (Philadelphia); IVme Wellness + Performance (Chicago); Hangover Club (New York City) and Hangover Heaven (Las Vegas).

Some providers operate in multiple states. The I.V. Doc serves 21 markets including Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and New York City.

The companies treat patients in their homes, hotels, offices and their own clinics. The services cost anywhere from $75 for a visit to a clinic to $300 or more for a house call.

Consumers must sign a consent form and share basic health history to receive treatment, with a registered nurse typically administrating the injections.

And some companies are taking their services to music festivals, marathons and other events where people are often in need of hydration.

San Diego’s KAABOO music festival works with two companies in the hydration services category: InstaMeds and Rapid Recovery Hydration Solutions.

The companies help festival-goers beat the heat with a menu of hydration products. Those include Rapid Recovery’s “Basic Hydrating IV,” a product the company bills as a “festival fatigue fighter and after-party antidote.”

Rapid Recovery has offered hydration recovery services at other events in California including the BottleRock, Guitarfish and Sunset Campout music festivals, Spartan World Championships and the North Bay Women’s Expo.

While some providers purchase official sponsorship status—Rapid Recovery and InstaMeds are both official sponsors of KAABOO—others purchase vendor status or ambush events altogether.

Livv Natural Health has offered a mobile concierge service at a handful of music festivals and events over the past year including Coachella, CRSSD Festival in San Diego and the Snowglobe New Year’s Eve celebration in South Lake Tahoe, Calif.

The clinic does not officially sponsor any of the events.