Nearly every NBA sponsor has heard the buzz surrounding the 2018 debut of the NBA 2K League.

But convincing them to sponsor the league is another matter.

Looking to educate prospective sponsors about marketing opportunities with the Wizards’ NBA 2K League team, Monumental Sports & Entertainment tonight will host its inaugural esports summit.

MSE will use the two-hour event to educate prospective partners about esports and marketing and activation opportunities with the 2K League team.

“It’s difficult for brands that are used to activating in an arena to understand the assets associated with a virtual property. We’ll pull back the curtain to discuss opportunities and where we envision properties activating,” said Grant Paranjape, director of Wizards esports business and team operations.

MSE will also use the event to discuss brand integration opportunities within the 2K League platform. That can range from a brand logo on the shot clock or court apron to shirts shot out of a T-shirt cannon.

“We have almost total freedom to create virtual assets in the game,” said Paranjape, who joined MSE in August to manage the growth of the company’s esports business operations.

MSE will host the summit from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm tonight at the Washington Wizards practice court in the Capital One Arena. The team will host roughly 150 executives from existing Washington Wizards sponsors as well as prospective partners from endemic and non-endemic companies.

MSE will stream the summit on the Monumental Sports Network and Twitch.

The NBA 2K League represents the first esports league operated by one of the four major U.S. pro sports leagues. Seventeen NBA teams have committed to the league thus far, with play to begin in May 2018.

Esports & Wizards NBA 2K: Summit Schedule

Welcome & State Of Esports industry (4:30-5:00 pm)

  • Ted Leonsis, founder, majority owner, chairman and CEO, Monumental Sports and Entertainment

Launch of the NBA 2K League (5:00-5:30 pm)

  • Brendan Donohue, managing director, NBA 2K League

Introduction to Wizards Gaming (5:30-5:45 pm)

  • Jim Van Stone, president, business operations, Monumental Sports and Entertainment

Esports & Wizards NBA 2K Panel Discussion (5:45-6:30 pm)

  • Dan Nolan, host, Monumental Sports Network
  • Zachary Leonsis, general manager and senior vice president, strategic initiatives
  • Grant Paranjape, director, Wizards esports business and team operations
  • James Altman, director of publishing operations, Bethesda Software
  • Jens Hilgers, founder of ESL, DOJO Madness and BITKRAFT esports ventures

Closing Remarks and Networking (6:30-7:00 pm)

7:00 pm: Washington Capitals vs. San Jose Sharks