Rio 2016 Sponsor Profile

TOP Sponsor — GE
Official Energy Generation Systems; Energy Distribution Systems; Healthcare: Diagnostic Imaging, Monitoring and Electronic Medical Records Technology; Lighting Fixtures & Systems; Aircraft Engines; Rail Transportation; Transportation Management and Equipment; Water Treatment Facilities & Services; and Oil & Gas Equipment

TOP Sponsor - GE

The company has made a dramatic shift in the public-facing activation of its TOP sponsorship, forgoing a TV ad campaign in favor of a pre-Games Drone Week push through Facebook Live.

Digital/Social Leveraging  

The company chose to make the digital #DroneWeek campaign it inaugurated in 2015 the focal point of its Rio 2016 mass-market communications plan, using its drone technology to tell the story of how GE supports the Games, city and athletes through digital video.

From June 13-17, #DroneWeek was aired on Facebook Live, with nearly all content being shot by GE drones. Each 15-25 minute episode showcased different ways that GE helps deliver infrastructure and technology to support the Games, as well as shine a light on the role drones can play. GE promoted the campaign using the hashtag #DroneWeek on its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.


On-Site Activation/Presence

GE reports that is has been involved in more than 160 infrastructure projects related to the Games, with its technology a part of every Olympic venue. In addition to lighting, electrical power and other industrial technology, the company is also supplies medical imaging equipment and electronic medical records for monitoring and treating athletes.

GE will host more than 800 guests during the Games, including 500 customers and prospects in addition to 300 company employees.


During the last three days of the #DroneWeek campaign, GE gave away a drone each day to someone who submitted a question during the live broadcast. The promotion was only open to those in the U.S.

Athlete Partnerships

Although GE does not have deals with individual athletes, it has teamed with the Brazil Canoe/Kayak Federation to supply real-time training performance data and analysis software to strengthen its Olympic team’s medal prospects.

Additional Notes

GE is continuing its program of leaving a legacy gift for the Olympic host city. In Rio, the company is providing two such gifts. It is supplying better and more efficient lighting for Flamengo Park, the city’s largest public park, and the Lapa area, a central and historic district. In addition, GE is providing advanced technology and radiology imaging systems to improve efficiency at Souza Aguiar Hospital, which delivers care to a largely underserved population and operates the second largest emergency center in Latin America.

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