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TOP Sponsor — Atos
Exclusive Information Technology Partner

TOP Sponsor - Atos

Atos has been a key technology partner for the Olympics since 1989. The company participated for the first time as the Games’ Worldwide IT Partner in 2002 and introduced web-based applications to manage staffing in 2006. In 2012, Atos helped the London Olympics to become the first rendition of the Games to stream every minute of every sport live.

Digital/Social Leveraging  

Atos presents fact sheets, case studies, blog posts and other content detailing the services it provides to the Olympic Games in a section of its corporate website.

On-Site Activation/Presence

Atos’s technology operations center is the control hub for all technology used by the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. During the Games, the facility will monitor and control every IT system, as well as deliver results from every sport in real time. For the first time, the local center will also be controlled remotely by a permanent technology operations center in Spain, which also will be used for future games. The lab is comprised of 42 cells, one for each sport, as well as 12 cells dedicated solely to accreditation and results information systems.

The Games Management Systems provided by Atos include systems designed to manage staffing/workforce management, security/accreditation and volunteers, as well as sports entries and qualification, and medical encounters. The Information Diffusion Systems include: on-venue results system, commentator information system (CIS), print distribution, Olympic officials and media, Olympic data feed, and Myinfo+. CIS provides commentators with results in real-time via touch-screen technologies. The Rio 2016 Games will be the first event at which broadcasters will have access to the system for all Olympic and Paralympic sports. Myinfo+ is an Internet application accessible only to media, athletes and officials. It provides details about the games including schedules, results, weather, and biographies.


Atos will host clients and prospects in Rio, aiming to showcase its ability to provide large-scale IT solutions and its commitment to operational excellence.

Additional Notes

This is the first time Summer Olympic Games IT systems will be managed via the cloud. Atos views the Olympics as the perfect use for cloud computing due to the fact the location changes every two years.

Between August 2014 and May 2016, Atos systems went through 200,000 hours of testing including dry runs of the systems in place at each of the 22 Olympic venues. The Atos staff also went through 1,000 different operational challenge scenarios to make sure they would be able to provide coverage in the event of floods, power failures, security attacks and other curveballs.

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