With a client list ranging from brands to motorsports teams to more than 1,000 professional athletes, Wasserman Media Group plays a key role in conceptualizing, designing and distributing branded content platforms.

The agency is perhaps best known for its work on Ken Block’s highly acclaimed Gymkhana video franchise. Ken Block’s Gymkhana—Ultimate Gymkhana Grid Course has received nearly 17 million views, with the entire series gaining more than 200 million views.

Below, Zack Sugarman, WMG vice president of social media & digital, shares five tips on creating breakthrough branded content.  

People look at good content but they share great content.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when striving to create breakthrough and shareable content:

Define the objective
Make sure all parties involved understand and agree on the goals of the program.

Think platform agnostic
Content is no longer consumed in just one form; it now has many forms that live on many platforms. There is content on mobile, on the web, on-site, in-store, on TV and on the various social platforms. Put the content in front of their faces in ways that are engaging and relevant.

Timing matters
The beauty is that timing doesn’t have to be guesswork. There are many analytical and listening tools that allow you to figure out the optimal time windows to reach your target audience on each respective platform. Do the research and pay attention to the data.

Tap into a passionate audience
Keep the content authentic, accessible and enjoyable to your audience.

Be cognizant of tone
How will your audience react to the messaging? To your brand’s personality and attitude?


Examples of Great Content

Ken Block’s Gymkhana Franchise
The videos appeal to hardcore gearheads and casual fans alike by combining performance driving with dream-like scenarios (e.g. empty San Francisco streets including the Golden Gate Bridge, Paramount Studio lots).

The videos are produced in a way to entertain the audience as opposed to conveying sponsor messaging. This is crucial to the success of each video; fans appreciate the fact that his sponsors are not treating these videos as an ad but rather a really awesome piece of content. Block and his team also do a terrific job of maximizing the content by creating alternate edits, behind the scenes videos, downloadable wallpaper images, Instagram specific videos and photo galleries.

Block’s sponsors receive tremendous measurable value through organic branding throughout (logos on car, in car, on Ken’s race suit, etc.).

Red Bull
Red Bull also does a tremendous job with their content. Everything they produce is aspirational and awe inspiring. People associate the brand with those emotions and want to share content with their friends so they feel the same way.

Red Bull’s “On Pace with Travis Pastrana” is a fantastic example of breakthrough branded content.

The video description from the premier episode says it all: “In the premier episode, we take a look into the unleaded life of motor sports legend Travis Pastrana. Life for Travis is all about pushing the limits: whether it is making a pull up bar out of crutches for his newlywed or embarking on his new quest for fun in NASCAR.

Red Bull wants to associate its product with pushing the limits and this content series accomplishes that goal. Red Bull is not concerned with selling product directly from the content; they prefer and see more value in the lifestyle association. By tapping into the lifestyle appeal, they are creating fans for life—those that want Red Bull to fuel their life of pushing limits.