The world continues to get smaller, at least in terms of sponsorship.

Building on recent deals on behalf of Hi-Chew, Topo Chico and other import snack and beverage brands using sponsorship to build their presence in the U.S. market, Barcel USA has expanded its partnership with Six Flags Entertainment Corp.

The company will sponsor seven parks this year, up from four in 2012.

The Mexican snack food company expanded the tie after seeing a lift in sales for Takis, a roll-shaped snack. Barcel activated the tie with on-site sales and an on-pack ticket promotion in Six Flags markets.

“Takis was able to grow its presence in-market and enjoy significant sales growth. When it came time to consider expanding our promotional efforts to additional markets, Six Flags was a key part of our overall plan,” said Araceli Gomez, Barcel USA trade marketing manager.

Barcel this year will sponsor parks in the Atlanta, San Francisco and New Jersey markets. The company also has renewed existing ties to parks in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and San Antonio.

Expands Tie With New Programming
Barcel this year will activate the partnership with three events that support Takis’ brand positioning that centered around intense experiences and flavor.

Hot Summer Night. The company today will launch its tent pole event with presenting status of Hot Summer Night.

The event—which takes place on the day of the year with the longest period of daylight—features a dance party and the chance to experience an extra two hours of ride time after the park closes.

Six Flags created the event exclusively for Takis, said Melissa McLeanas, Six Flags’ partnership marketing manager. “Takis is all about intensity, and we decided to make an event that will support that positioning and intensify the attendee experience.”

Consumers can receive a voucher for Hot Summer Night through a dedicated web site ( or by purchasing product at the seven parks. Barcel also will distribute vouchers at the dance party.

EDM Concert. Barcel will sponsor an electronic dance music concert at Six Flags Great America in Jackson, N.J. to support Barcel Mexico’s involvement with electronic music.

Barcel Mexico offers information on EDM artists, festivals and related content under the “Mueve tu Mundo”—Move your World—program on its Facebook page. The company also has run promotions with Romanian singer-songwriter Inna and other DJs and musicians.  

Grad Nite at Magic Mountain. Takis will present Grad Nite at Six Flags Magic Mountain to sample product and otherwise engage young adults.

Like the other programs, the platform supports Takis’ brand positioning: Six Flags touts the event as “the most extreme grad nite party on the planet.”

Grad Nite and the EDM concert are both existing events, said McLeanas.

Other Barcel brands include Ricolino; Dulces Vero and Coronado. The company is a subsidiary of Mexican baking giant Grupo Bimbo.