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IEG Launches Market Meter, a Rating System Providing Transparency to the Sponsorship Marketplace

February 08, 2022

IEG Market Meter ranks and frames potential opportunities for sponsorship buyers and sellers in the Big 4 sports leagues

IEG, the sponsorship authority, has developed Market Meter, a new rating system to help buyers and sellers of sports sponsorship confidently benchmark the value potential of sponsorships across categories and sports leagues. Until now, pricing and value transparency have not been a strength within the sponsorship marketplace. Sponsorship fees have largely been based on historical precedent or media equivalency, instead of the most powerful aspects sponsorship – affiliation, exclusivity and business potential.

IEG’s Market Meter uses 13 key performance indicators to rate more than 8,000 partnerships in 65+ sponsorship categories across the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL, helping sponsorship sellers and buyers identify, filter, vet, benchmark and price opportunities.

“Market Meter is a highly efficient and objective means for ranking, and in some respects, re-ranking the value potential of each team’s sponsorship categories,” said Peter Laatz, Global Managing Director, IEG. “The rating system considers macro-level factors known to influence value quickly and at scale, rather than individual assets included in a package.”

Sellers of sponsorship can leverage IEG’s Market Meter to better prioritize resources to maximize revenue potential by:

             Benchmarking current sponsorship packages with peers across the Big-4 sports

             Identifying value narratives to shape sales stories and pricing

             Evaluating prospects’ existing sponsorship portfolios to discover and frame new opportunities

Buyers of sponsorship from consumer brands and their marketing agencies can use IEG’s Market Meter to make informed decisions around opportunities, markets, teams and pricing by:

             Filtering and vetting opportunities with any Big-4 team based on a holistic market overview

             Identifying gaps in a sports sponsorship portfolio

             Establishing fee ranges for what opportunities should be worth

IEG uses Market Meter in strategic sponsorship consulting engagements with Big-4 professional sports teams and current and prospective team sponsors. To learn more, contact Jake Spiak, Director of Marketing & Growth, IEG at