Like other telecommunications companies, AT&T has long used sponsorship to showcase technology, enable connectivity and drive data usage.

Now the company has added another sponsorship hot button: reward good customers.

The telco has partnered with Live Nation to offer presale tickets through its AT&T Thanks customer appreciation program.

AT&T launched the program in 2016 to reward post-paid wireless customers with perks, experiences and unexpected surprises. Other benefits include buy-one get-one-free movie tickets, special content (Fullscreen VOD, etc.) and other perks.

But music serves as the linchpin of the program.

“As an entertainment company, our appreciation program is heavily centered on the entertainment experience. Our collaboration with Live Nation gives us the opportunity to bring musical experiences to our customers as part of AT&T Thanks,” said Neil Andrews, AT&T director of product marketing management.

AT&T has offered priority presale tickets to approximately 200 shows spanning rock, country and EDM since rolling out the program in mid-2016. Those include Guns ‘n Roses, The Chainsmokers and Florida Georgia Line.

“We’re trying to bring a range of music opportunities to our customers to reinforce AT&T Thanks.”

The partnership affords presale ticket exclusivity in the telecommunications category and official status at Live Nation venues in Atlanta, Dallas and Los Angeles.

Those include the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, Starplex Pavilion in Dallas and the Lakewood and Chastain amphitheaters in Atlanta.

The company has not yet activated the venues, said Andrews.

While AT&T is based in Dallas, the location of the three venues was not a key driver behind the sponsorships, said Andrews.

“The opportunity was less about geography and more around our desire to explore how the collaboration with Live Nation will grow into the future.”

Other wireless services providers have joined AT&T in launching customer appreciation programs. Those include Verizon Smart Rewards, a program that rewards customers who register for paperless billing, bill autopay and other services, and T-Mobile Tuesdays, a program that gives customers the opportunity to send “gifts” ($15 Lyft coupons, free movie rentals, etc.) to friends and family.