As if winning the 2015 NBA Championship wasn’t enough, the Golden State Warriors deserve an accolade on another front: creating digital content.

Recognizing sponsors’ growing interest in scalable marketing platforms, the team is integrating partners into video content that can be leveraged across Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels.

The team has expanded its in-house production department to support the initiative.

“We’re tying our partners’ brands into videos that provide the greatest degree of fan engagement,” said Chip Bowers, Golden State Warriors’ CMO.  

As an example, the Warriors this year created a video for Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Inc. The video centers on the making of Warriors Grounds, a limited-edition line of coffee.

“We want to create alliances with Bay Area brands that have unique stories. Our brand positioning is ‘Warriors Ground,’ so it’s a nice play on words.”

The partnership included three primary components, each of which was designed to drive maximum engagement and reach.   

Fan Engagement. Looking to engage “Dub Nation,” the Warriors gave fans the opportunity to vote on the flavor profile of Warriors Grounds coffee. Fans could vote for their favorite flavor via Twitter and Facebook.

The product was a success: the Warriors sold 35,000 bags of the coffee in two months.

Behind-The-Scenes Content. The team promoted Warriors Grounds with a video hosted by Jarron Collins, an assistant coach and coffee aficionado. The video featured Collins touring a Peet’s roasting facility where he learned about the roasting process and potential Warriors Grounds blends.

“Fans are looking for an extra layer of content beyond the sport itself, including the interests of coaches and players,” said Bowers.

The team posted the video on and

Cause Overlay. Peet’s donated five percent of proceeds from each Warriors Grounds purchase to the Warriors Community Foundation’s Hopes for Kids program. The company capped the donation at $10,000.

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Source: 2015 IEG Property Sponsorship Survey