Content is playing a key role in the International Tennis Hall of Fame’s efforts to sell sponsorship for the ATP Hall of Fame Tennis Championships.

The strategy: create marketing campaigns to demonstrate how a partnership can be activated in social media.

“We’re not located in a major market, but we have great content,” said Mary Heath, CMO with the International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum, noting that organization communicates with tennis fans year-round on topics ranging from past and future matches to updates at the hall of fame.

“We’re taking a closer look at what prospects are doing in social media—including their voice and tone—and creating social media posts that tie them back to the event.”

Case in point: The tennis organization this year created a marketing campaign for Bai Brands, a marketer of coffee fruit-infused beverages.

The campaign included Twitter posts that dangled the chance to win lessons with a tennis pro, tickets to the tournament and other prizes.

“There is significant value in providing companies with unique content to enhance social media strategies and increase consumer reach and engagement.”

The company, unfortunately, passed on the opportunity.

“The CEO loved it, but their new CMO was afraid that tennis reached a niche consumer.”

The Hall of Fame Tennis Championships takes place July 11-19 at the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, R.I.