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Sponsorship Agreements

IEG Sponsorship Agreement

Sports League/Sanctioning Body
An agreement between a sponsor and a league that recognizes that individual team members of the league may have conflicting sponsorship. Provides the sponsor an option to sponsor the league’s championship event (owned by the league).
Order Codes: SLS-SP (Sponsor Version); SLS-SB (Sanctioning Body Version)

Sports Team
This sponsorship agreement covers deals for teams that control signage and concessions at home games, as well as those that don’t control the venue. It also includes provisions concerning TV coverage of home games.
Order Codes: STX-SP (Sponsor Version); STX-ST (Sports Team Version)

Motorsports Team
This sponsorship agreement covers sponsorship of entry vehicles and named drivers in motorsports racing, with bonuses for winning performances.
Order Codes: MTX-SP (Sponsor Version); MTX-MT (Motorsports Team Version)

Sports Event–Participatory
This sponsorship agreement covers athletic events such as marathons, bike races, walk-a-thons, etc., that are not generally televised. Includes short-form participant’s release.
Order Codes: SEP-SP (Sponsor Version); SEP-PR (Property Owner Version)

Sports Event–Spectator
This sponsorship agreement serves as a model for a ticketed spectator sport such as a bowl game, horse race or auto race, and includes provisions regarding televised coverage of the event.
Order Codes: SES-SP (Sponsor Version); SES-PR (Property Owner Version)

Festivals, Fairs and Events
This sponsorship agreement designates the sponsor as the official product or service provider of the event, gives concession rights (based on a commission to the owner) and offers sponsorship of additional stage, tent or sub-event.
Order Codes: FFE-SP (Sponsor Version); FFE-PR (Property Owner/Organizer Version)

Stadiums, Arenas and Venues
This sponsorship agreement covers term signage and service rights at a venue, as well as official product status. It does not pertain to the titling of a venue. It includes provisions governing the presence of the venue’s main tenant (such as a home team).
SAV-SP (Sponsor/Advertiser Version); SAV-PR (Property Owner Version)

Permanent Attraction (Non-Sport)
This agreement is between a sponsor and the owner of an amusement park, museum, zoo or the like for the sponsorship of a permanent attraction or permanent exhibit at that site.
Order Codes: PAN-SP (Sponsor Version); PAN-PR (Property Owner Version)

Cause Marketing License Agreement
This agreement designates a sponsor as official sponsor of a cause via a rights fee or per-transaction program.
Order Code: CML-ST (Standard Version)

Performing Arts Single Event, Series or Season
This agreement covers sponsorship of a single performance, series or season of a performing arts organization with possible product display at its home venue.
Order Code: PAS-SP (Sponsor Version); PAS-PR (Performing Arts Organization Version)

Performing Arts Tour
This agreement between a tour owner and a sponsor provides for sponsorship of a performing arts multi-city tour.
Order Codes: PAT-SP (Sponsor Version); PAT-PR (Property Owner Version)

Touring Exhibit
This is an agreement between the producers of a touring exhibit (non-performing) and a sponsor for sponsorship of a multi-city exhibition.
Order Codes: TEX-SP (Sponsor Version); TEX-PR (Property Owner/Rightsholder Version)

Media Sponsor (TV or Radio)
This agreement covers a property’s sponsorship by a TV or radio station.
Order Codes: MST-SP (Media Sponsor Version); MST-PR (Property Owner Version)

Media Sponsor (Newspaper)
This agreement covers a property’s sponsorship by a newspaper.
Order Codes: MSN-SP (Sponsor Version); MSN-PR (Property Owner Version)

Short-form Licensing Agreement for Sponsorship of an Event
This agreement covers the sponsor’s right to use a property’s name in return for a fee.
Order Codes: LAE-SP (Sponsor Version); LAE-PR (Cause/Event Owner Version)

Short-form Licensing Agreement for Sponsorship of Event Owned by Cause or Nonprofit Organization
This agreement covers sponsorship of a cause-related event based on payment of a rights fee.
Order Codes: LAC-SP (Sponsor Version); LAC-CS (Cause/Event Owner Version)

Short-form Licensing Agreement for Sponsorship of a Cause on a Per-transaction Basis
This agreement covers the sponsor’s contribution based on amount of product sold during the promotional period.
Order Codes: LAP-SP (Sponsor Version); LAP-CS (Cause/Property Owner Version)