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What Is Cause Marketing?

It is a question often asked of IEG because it quite possibly is the most ambiguous term in the marketing world. So what does it really mean? Well, that’s the beauty of it, it doesn’t mean just one thing.

Cause marketing takes many different shapes and forms in the marketplace. At its most basic, it’s a relationship between a company and a cause or nonprofit that the company wants to talk about in the marketplace in order to accomplish certain business objectives. It can be a fundraising promotion where customers donate their extra change at the register; or it can be based on sales so that a portion of the proceeds of a specific item sold is donated to a nonprofit; or it can be promotional inventory (e.g., ads, tray liners, coffee cup sleeves, etc.) that a sponsor devotes to an organization to promote the cause’s mission or a specific campaign. And that’s just skimming the surface of the multiple ways that sponsors and causes can work together to promote the purpose of the organization and raise funds. As long as the promotion is relevant to the consumer and easy to participate in, you are well on your way to a successful cause marketing campaign.

IEG works with causes to create strategies that will maximize their revenue through sponsorship and cause marketing. We will give you ideas on which companies to target, what type of promotions to conduct, best practices and real world examples on both a local and national level, all customized to your organization.

However, our work doesn’t stop with causes. We also work with corporate marketers to make sure they are being strategic in their relationships with nonprofits. IEG helps sponsors ensure they are accomplishing their marketing and/or CSR objectives, running the right type of promotions to get the highest level of participation and correctly measuring their return on investment.

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