Pay the Right Price with an IEG Valuation

IEG has helped many of the world’s largest brands—including Ford, Fidelity, Kodak, MasterCard, Mercedes-Benz, Nestlé, Samsung, Verizon and others—obtain the right sponsorship packages at the right price.

Recognized as the standard-bearer for sponsorship valuation, the IEG Valuation Service dives deep into a sponsorship package’s benefits to determine their specific worth to each client.

Unlike any other valuation system, IEG’s methodology accounts for sponsorship’s qualitative benefits. Critical elements such as audience loyalty, degree of category exclusivity, and prestige of the property set partnerships apart from media buys and other marketing communications. Failing to account for those intangibles leaves a gaping hole, as they typically make up most of the value in a sponsorship.

The IEG Valuation clearly outlines the key factors driving the tangible and intangible value of each deal, and it provides you the information you need to decide if you are paying the right amount for the right value drivers. We also leverage our extensive database of partnership deals to provide estimated pricing for comparable sponsorship opportunities while articulating the similarities and differences to your valued opportunity.

The IEG Valuation Service includes a cost/benefit ratio that recognizes the unique risks associated with sponsorship, considering sponsorship’s lack of guarantees similar to make-goods in advertising.

Every IEG Valuation considers factors unique to each partnership, such as geographic reach and impact of the property, the competitiveness of the sponsor’s category, the number of categories a sponsor locks up, the length of the sponsor’s commitment, among others. We also take into account the value to your company specifically, rather than a generic list price. A real estate analogy is apt here—we base our appraisal on what you should pay for the opportunity, not what the opportunity is worth theoretically to an unidentified sponsor in a business category different from yours.

IEG is the only credible, independent partnership valuation authority, backed by decades of data, a proven and proprietary statistical formula, and a track record of thousands of successful negotiations.

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