Rightsholders need to understand social media consumption habits to get the most out of their digital content strategy.

That often means tailoring content to each channel. How a consumer engages content on Snapchat is significantly different than how content is consumed on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms.

Below, Alexandra Willis, head of communications, content and digital with The All England Lawn Tennis Club, shares three examples of how Wimbledon leverages content on Snapchat, Periscope and Instagram.

Some people were genuinely surprised that a tennis event like Wimbledon, with all its heritage and history, would dare to think it was a good idea to go on Snapchat. It helped us reach a completely different audience and forced us to be more creative in the types of content that we create on-site.

Niall Horan from One Direction visited Wimbledon for a day. If we asked him to do a five-minute scripted interview in front of a camera he probably would have said no. But when we asked him to send a message to our Snapchat audience he was like, ‘Sure fine, it will take me 20 seconds.’

We worked with Roger Federer to do a behind-the-scenes Periscope tour of the grounds. Periscope was new, so he was quite excited about it.

The fascinating thing about it was the audience reaction—they had never seen Roger’s face so close. They couldn’t get over it. They were like ‘Oh, this is something that I’ve never seen.’ It wasn’t just what he was saying, it was the manner in which it was being delivered. That’s why treating each platform as an individual channel is so effective.

Instagram is an unbelievable platform for Wimbledon. We’re lucky that we have beautiful grounds, a lot of core brand attributes like grass and flowers and the idea that being at Wimbledon is like tennis in an English garden.

Instagram has allowed us to take the event beyond tennis to gardening, food and fashion. That’s another advantage of the different platforms—they allow you to put your brand in different places.

We invited Instagrammers to Wimbledon for an InstaMeet. Now that it’s live, which is not something we had to deal with last year, we’re trying to think of different ways to use it.