No matter how you slice it, the B2B technology category is a win for properties, fans and other stakeholders.

Below, five examples of how technology companies are helping properties optimize operations and bring consumers closer to their favorite activities. 

Enhancing The Fan Experience
Using data analytics to give fans new ways to experience sports

IBM SlamTracker. IBM activates the Australian Open and other tennis tournaments with SlamTracker, a platform that gives fans new ways to visualize and experience a tennis match.

SlamTracker mines nearly a decade worth of Grand Slam data (serve speed, ball movement, rally duration, etc.) to give fans real-time insight into a player’s key performance indicators and the strategies that will most likely help them win.

IBM SlamTracker

In addition to SlamTracker, Big Blue activated the Australian Open with the IBM CrowdTracker, a platform designed to enhance the on-site experience by displaying relevant information and activities at Melbourne Park. Attendees could use the mobile app to find the most popular places at the event, access the latest scores and follow trending conversations on social media.


IBM also uses the Masters, Tony Awards and US Open golf tournament to demonstrate how its technology can help companies improve their business.

“Just as these organizations share the cloud used at the Australian Open, businesses in many industries can use the same cloud, mobile, social and analytics technology to manage their operations and improve their performance,” said Noah Syken, IBM vice president of global sponsorships, in a blog post earlier this year.

SAP and Similar to its partnership with the NBA, SAP is leveraging its new multiyear partnership with the NHL by enhancing the league’s online statistics. Fans, broadcasters and the media can use the site to analyze league, team and player statistics through an interactive, personalized interface powered by the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud service.

“Sports fans want to have the opportunity to develop a deeper level of engagement on their own terms, and data and analytics can help them do that,” said David Lehanski, NHL senior vice president of integrated sales. 

SAP and

SAP helped the NHL completely overhaul its statistics platform, said Lehanski, noting that the league’s previous offering was similar to viewing data on a spreadsheet.

“There was some ability to choose your own adventure, but it didn’t provide the level of depth and engagement that we’re trying to give fans.”

Going forward, fans will be able to use the platform to compare players based on their place of birth, weight, years with the league and other data. Fans can use the data for fantasy games and substantiate their choice for a player.  

The NHL also is using the technology to enhance its storytelling capabilities.

“There are many stories that we haven’t been able to tell because the game moves so fast. Statistics and analytics will help us do that through our broadcast and content distribution platforms.”

Enhancing Business Operations
Helping properties optimize operations and gain a deeper understanding of fans

SAP and City Football Group. SAP is helping City Football Group enhance business operations across four soccer teams located around the world: Manchester United; New York City FC; Melbourne City FC and Yokohama F. Marinos.

SAP and City Football Group

City Football Group will use SAP’s cloud-based solutions to scale its business, increase productivity and share best practices (and future best practices) across its business enterprise. The company also will use SAP technology to enhance fan engagement (social media walls, etc.) and improve player performance.

“We are so proud that SAP HANA and our cloud solutions will be enabling City Football Group’s vision for supporting the players and coaches while completely reinventing the fan experience,” said Bill McDermott, CEO and member of the executive board of SAP SE, said in a statement last month announcing the partnership.

SAP and the NHL. In addition to enhancing its stats platform, the NHL is using the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud platform to better understand its fans. The league is using the technology to mine data across its business operations (fans who purchase product on, NHL GameCenter Live subscribers, etc.) with the goal of better understanding their future purchase activity.  

Improving Performance On The Field Of Play
Using data analytics to enhance on-field performance

SAP and the WTA. SAP is leveraging the WTA with SAP Tennis Analytics, a platform that allows coaches to monitor real-time performance data during match play. Coaches can use the technology to track match statistics for players, serve performance and a host of other information.

SAP will offer the platform at seven WTA events in 2015. The company announced the software earlier this month at the Bank of the West Classic in Stanford, Calif.  

SAP and the NHL