The Procter & Gamble Co.’s Duracell brand focuses sponsorship activity on a New Year’s Eve celebration in New York’s City’s Times Square as well as its parent’s partnership with the International Olympic Committee.  

Below, Kurt Iverson, Duracell’s global external relations manager, provides an update on sponsorship activity on behalf of the battery brand.

IEG SR: Duracell over the past few years has run a New Year’s Eve promotion in New York City’s Time Square. Tell me about that.

Iverson: The past couple of years we have sponsored Countdown Entertainment, the event company behind the ball drop. We actually power the moment at midnight when the ball drops and the New Year has begun by providing stationary bikes in Times Square throughout the month of December.

We captured the energy generated by visitors in giant-sized Duracell batteries, and then we hoisted the batteries to the top of One Times Square to light the New Year. It was a great way to get participation from fans, and also to show what Duracell batteries do on a small scale everyday: capture power and save it for crucial moments.

We went in another direction this past year by creating an insurance program that helped parents put on a perfect holiday season. We worked with Chris Daughtry, a Grammy-winner who has four kids of his own, and he contributed video advice over social media throughout the month of December. It all led up to a free Facebook concert that fans were able to see in a live or tapped webcast.

IEG SR: Duracell has sponsored NASCAR and the Wal-Mart FLW Tour in the past. What was the gist of those partnerships?   

Iverson: We participated over the past couple of years with the FLW Tour, once on our own and last season in a combination sponsorship with Gillette. Technology has affected so many parts of our lives, and fishing is no exception. Sportsmen like to take all kinds of devices with them when they’re away from the grid, so it’s only natural for Duracell to be a key part of their expeditions.

On the NASCAR side, we sponsored three races and had the hood for Paul Menard’s car. Again, this is an audience where the fans are enthusiastic and actually camp out for race weekends. Duracell is an integral part of powering all their devices and technology so that they can have all the comforts of home and office when they’re celebrating at the track.

IEG SR: How will Duracell participate in the 2012 London Olympic Games?

Iverson: You’ll see a lot more from us as part of P&G’s multi-year sponsorship of the International Olympic Committee.

Authenticity will help us tell the story of our link to the athletes. We went to the Olympic training facility in Colorado Springs and found that there is a huge amount of Duracell battery power being used to train; everything from heart monitors to the equipment that cyclists use to monitor pacing and mileage and even the official scoring equipment that’s part of the fencing competition.

Even if it’s just powering alarms and MP3 portable music players, athletes are relying on Duracell to power their efforts. Every device is vital when you’re talking about the gold medal goal.

In the end, the authentic link allows the brand to join in the emotion and passion that already exists around these events. We try to add to the excitement that the fan already feels by supporting the causes and subjects that keep those sports going. We’ll also try to give the fans a voice through our social media activations to allow some participation that links the brand, the fan and the sport.