Looking to contemporize the conversation on menstruation and menstrual care products, Kimberly-Clark Corp. has inked a new partnership with Girls for a Change on behalf of its new U by Kotex line extension.

Below, Aida Flick, K-C’s director, feminine care marketing, discusses the new product, why it partnered with Girls for a Change and how it is activating the tie.

IEG SR: How is U by Kotex different from other feminine care products?

Flick: U by Kotex is a new line of tampons, pads and liners that not only look differently but act differently too. Our goal is to not just be a bold product, but to take a bold stand and help update the conversation on period care.

The line is targeted at a younger audience and therefore a partnership like this made sense. We vetted a number of different organizations to help further the mission and Girls for a Change aligned perfectly within that.

IEG SR: What was it about Girls for a Change that was appealing? What does the brand hope to accomplish from a marketing perspective from the relationship?

Flick: U by Kotex is partnering with Girls for a Change because we share a common mission: to empower and educate young women to become agents of social change. Girls for a Change is a great partner to help us further our brand mission of supporting women, updating the conversation about periods and vaginas and helping women be comfortable with their femininity and bodies by providing social change training to girls across the country.

IEG SR: Does the partnership support a larger brand campaign? If so, what is the gist of the brand campaign, and what is the role of sponsorship?

Flick: The partnership is part of our brand mission which is to support girls in updating the conversation on vaginal health and periods. The brand is doing this through a number of channels including straight advertising, an online community where women can learn more and get the answers to their health related questions, and the partnership with Girls for a Change.

As part of the campaign we have launched the Declaration of Real Talk, which women can sign at UbyKotex.com. U by Kotex will donate $1 to Girls for a Change for every woman that signs the declaration. We’ll work with the nonprofit to develop social change trainings in markets across the country to help girls change the way vaginal health and periods are discussed in their communities.

IEG SR: What does sponsorship bring to the marketing table versus traditional media?

Flick: The U by Kotex mission is something Kimberly-Clark is committed to. It’s not a one-time or short-term tactic. Girls today are very interested in giving back and changing the world. The partnership gives us the opportunity to engage girls and help them create change.

Editor’s note: K-C will cap the donation at $150,000.