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Tuesday, March 28

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Partnership Sales & Strategies Partnership Sales & Strategies
Partnership Activation & Results Partnership Activation & Results
Digital/Content/Media Digital/Content/Media
Audiences/Data/Engagement Audiences/Data/Engagement

Registration Opens7:00 am

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Networking Breakfast7:30 am to 9:00 am

Get a great start on your minimum daily requirement of schmoozing along with fueling up and planning your day.

Special-Interest Groups and Round Tables8:30 am to 9:45 am

You have your choice of attending a gathering of peers from your sector or attending two small-group round-table discussions on a wide variety of topics. The list of round tables will be posted closer to the conference.

Keynote Address10:00 am to 11:00 am

Shared Experiences, Brand Relevance: The Keys to Audi’s Sponsorship Success

Loren Angelo, Vice President, Marketing, Audi of America
Audi of America is a leader in activating sports and entertainment partnerships to forge emotional and meaningful connections with consumers. Loren will share how the automaker leverages digital content, social media, traditional advertising and technology to drive positive return on objectives, whether pioneering the development of engaging content and creating highly visible cultural moments to advance a specific message through its six-year Emmy partnership, or activating its Major League Soccer sponsorship with the MLS Player Index, involving consumers with a brand story—in this case Audi’s focus on innovation—by taking advantage of technology to deliver real-time statistics and improve the fan experience.

Presentations11:15 am to 12:00 pm


How the Race to Digital & Social Victory Is Won with Data

Rob Bloom, Group Head of Digital & Social Media, McLaren Technology Group
It is no secret that compelling video content can achieve multiple objectives for rightsholders, as well as their commercial partners and sponsors. But an effective video strategy requires a great deal more than recording footage and putting it online. Rob will discuss how the McLaren-Honda Formula 1 team exposes insights through data that allow it to constantly refine and enhance how it engages with its audience and tells its brand story—as well as those of its partners—across owned channels, as well as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and other social outlets.

Partnership Sales & Strategies

It Starts with a Vision: Identifying, Owning and Executing Your Organization’s True North in a Hyper-Competitive Marketplace

David Wright, Chief Marketing & Commercial Officer, Minor League Baseball (MiLB)
Beginning with his 15 years at Major League Soccer/Soccer United Marketing and continuing in his current role at MiLB, David has been a key player in developing support pillars for each organization’s vision. From his experiences with these rightsholders—one a true start-up (MLS) and the other a 115-year-old “start-up” experiencing exponential change (MiLB)—David will show how a succinct and ambitious vision, strategic direction and critical support can lead to unprecedented change and sustainable growth; as well as share best practices on how to maximize business potential in a hyper-competitive entertainment marketplace.

Partnership Activation & Results

Tapping a Longtime Partnership to Restore a Brand’s Reputation

Mark Brennan, Head of Digital Marketing & Innovation, AIB
Brian Keating, Group Propositions & Brands Director, AIB
If baseball is America’s national pastime, Gaelic Games is Ireland’s, with passion for the sport a part of the Irish identity. As a result of the economic crisis, AIB—one of Ireland’s largest financial services providers and a 23-year Gaelic Games sponsor—saw public trust and sentiment plummet, reaching a record low of six percent. Mark and Brian will detail how the revitalization of AIB’s Gaelic Games sponsorship and the addition of a major new element—underpinned with specialist knowledge of the sponsored property—restored brand trust, delivered on business objectives and is assisting in the journey towards total rehabilitation.


Why Rightsholders and Partners Must Increase Their Digital/Content/Media IQ

Andy Wasef, Managing Director, Digital & Consulting Strategy, ESP Properties
Properties that adopt progressive approaches to creating and distributing content will derive a two-fold benefit: protecting sponsorship revenue and staking a claim for brands’ digital media budgets. Explore how to enhance digital assets and maximize their value.

Networking Lunch and Keynote Address12:15 pm to 2:15 pm

Plumb the knowledge and experience of delegates who sponsor, sell or manage specific types of sponsorship – or have expertise in a particular discipline – by sitting at one of the special-interest tables at lunch. Seating is on a first-come basis. Discussion occurs during lunch, prior to the keynote address.

Cheat Code: How to Get on the Fast Track to Success

Brian Wong, Founder & CEO, Kiip
Brian is quickly making a name for himself as the founder and head of Kiip, a mobile app rewards platform that lets brands give real-world rewards for in-app achievements. Brian founded Kiip six years ago at age 19, becoming one of the youngest entrepreneurs ever to receive venture capital funding. He will share insights from his just-published book, Cheat Code, focusing on innovation, team-building and people (including insights into new permissions and new norms involved with his generation, the most knowledge-enabled group ever), in addition to media and marketing.

Presentations2:30 pm to 3:15 pm

Partnership Sales & Strategies

Sponsorship Sales in Real Time: Interactive Skill Building

Moderator: Dan Kowitz, Senior Vice President, Business Development, ESP Properties
Panelists: Jared Melzer, Director, Strategic Sponsorships, TE Connectivity
Karen Cage, Global Sponsorships, HP, Inc.
This always popular, completely interactive session features audience participation in the form of brief pitches to sponsor decision-makers. In addition to Jared and Karen’s honest, informed and practical assessment of what’s working, what’s not and what’s missing, fellow attendees are also encouraged to offer suggestions.


The Data Win-Win: Building Value for Audiences Returns Value to Properties

Scott Mitchell, CEO, Hamilton Tiger-Cats
As chief executive of the Canadian Football League team, Scott has led a data and digital transformation that is returning large dividends to the club. He will share the story of how improving the Tiger-Cats experience for fans and engaging with them through digital platforms is yielding highly valuable behavioral data that the team in turn is using to support ticket, concession and merchandise sales, as well as partner initiatives. Central to the club’s efforts: a loyalty program that rewards followers for purchases and participation, whether entering a contest, watching highlights or participating in sponsor activations.

Partnership Activation & Results

Empower the Content, Don’t Disrupt It: Storytelling through Successful Brand Partnerships

Mike Bertolina, Head of Integrations, Branded Entertainment Network (BEN)
Andrew Winstanley, Senior Manager, Media & Integrations, Zillow
Al Madrigal, Producer, All Things Comedy
Brand integration has emerged as a powerful way for marketers to reach and engage audiences, while also providing critical resources to content creators challenged to produce top-level programming with limited budgets. Join Mike, Andrew and Al as they discuss how to effectively navigate the symbiotic and evolving relationship between marketers and content creators, specific ways to craft a great story, the future of brand integrations and the tools available to connect corporate partners to consumers through the power of entertainment.


Growing Audiences and Revenue through Social Media Live Streaming

Nicolas Chapart, Head of Digital, FIBA, the International Basketball Federation
Nicolas is the architect of a digital strategy that has become the envy of not-ready-for-TV-broadcast properties around the world. As rightsholder for hundreds of international youth basketball games, FIBA is live streaming the competitions through YouTube and Facebook Live and monetizing the asset through advertising income and an increased value proposition for sponsors. Nicolas will share the organization’s plan for investing in and profiting from this new form of content distribution.

Workshops and Round Tables3:45 pm to 4:45 pm

You have your choice of attending one of the sessions below or two small-group round-table discussions on a wide variety of topics. The list of round tables will be posted closer to the conference.

Trumped: Avoiding Political Pollsters’ Problems in Your Market Research

Jed Pearsall, President, Performance Research
Bill Doyle, Vice President, Performance Research
The big market research questions coming out of 2016 are: How were the outcomes of the U.S. presidential election and Brexit missed so badly? Did the combined sciences of sampling, big data and algorithms cover-up some hidden truths behind the polls? Is audience research still reliable? Add to those: Are we too often making the same mistake in sponsorship research? Discover what has been learned about research in this era of constant change and how to apply those insights to your partnerships to gain more reliable, meaningful and actionable intelligence.

Cocktail Reception4:45 pm to 6:00 pm

Socialize with sponsorship’s best and brightest as you discuss new ideas, check out innovations from our exhibitors and solidify your plans for a great night on the town.

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