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Lesa Ukman

Futures Director, IEG and ESP Properties


Lesa has been a marketer, an entrepreneur, a journalist, a professor, an author and a producer. She created the blueprint for municipal marketing and the analytics to select, value and measure partnerships of all kinds—sports, arts, entertainment, destinations and nonprofits. The commonality behind all of her experiences is the conviction that in a world of over-supply and commoditization, the needs of business and those of the local and global communities in which they operate are entwined.

She launched IEG Sponsorship Report in 1982, unleashing the idea that businesses that are a force for good—that deepen bonds with customers, prospects, employees and other stakeholders by partnering with the things people love—outperform their competitors by a huge margin. It caught on like wildfire, spawning an industry that today is worth more than $57 billion worldwide and changing marketing for good and forever.

IEG, now part of GroupM, is the industry’s leading provider of research, analytics, consulting and training. With unequaled access to both the buy-sides and sell-sides of the business, the company enables sponsors and rightsholders—on a local, national and global level—to maximize partnership investments.

Lesa is an avid champion of the industry, interpreting sponsorship’s broader impact on society, including an expanded notion of ROI to capture not just financial outcomes but social ones as well.

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Partnerships for the Next Generation, Monday, April 18 at 10:15 am

Selling: How to Make Radical Marketplace Shifts Work for You, Sunday, April 17 at 3:30 pm

Conference Wrap-Up & Takeaways, Wednesday, April 20 at 12:30 pm