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What Sponsors Want and Where Their Dollars Will Go in 2018

What Sponsors Want and Where Their Dollars Will Go in 2018

The beginning of the year is the perfect time for a level set on what to expect in sponsorship. Sponsors and properties need a roadmap for determining budgets, revenue projections, prospect lists, etc.

Participate in What Sponsors Want and Where Their Dollars Will Go in 2018 Webinar to access the data, insights and trends that will get you, your team and your organization on the right track for success.

Specifically, the Webinar will cover:

Results of the 2017 ESP Properties Sponsorship Decision-makers Survey and our 33rd annual industry review and projections, including:

  • Spending trends: Are sponsors increasing budgets this year or continuing to hold the line? What percentage of their marketing spending is being devoted to sponsorship? Are they growing or shrinking activation efforts? How do they activate?
  • A comparison of event marketing spending to advertising and promotion, together with a look at how overall marketing communications trends will impact the sponsorship medium
  • Goals and objectives: What are the top reasons why companies get involved in sponsorship? What are the most important benefits they look for from their property partners?
  • Decision-making and evaluation: What type of research do sponsors want and need? On what do they base their decision to sign/decline/renew/drop a sponsorship?
  • Our proprietary insights into the key issues and trends—both internal to the sponsorship industry and external economic and societal factors—that will yield the greatest influence over your upcoming sponsorship deals

Plus, you also will receive:

  • PDF of the PowerPoint Presentation
  • Unlimited second-chance viewings during the two-week on-demand window (live Webinar attendees only)
  • Answers to your specific questions during interactive Q&A session
Jim Andrews

Jim Andrews, Senior Vice President

Jim is responsible for developing and sharing the thought-leadership content developed through ESP Properties’ groundbreaking work for rightsholders in the areas of sponsorship strategy, valuation, measurement, digital content, data-driven marketing and fan engagement. In addition, Jim is the chairman of the Annual Sponsorship Conference.

The presentation, materials and content of this web seminar are the intellectual property of ESP Properties, LLC and are presented for the educational use of each paying customer and their organization. Any reproduction or rebroadcast of this seminar, or the content contained within, without the expressed written consent of ESP Properties, LLC is strictly prohibited.

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