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Re-Assessing Sponsorship Value in a Digital World

Re-Assessing Sponsorship Value in a Digital World

From social media mentions to co-branded online content, rightsholders and brands must develop ways to account for entirely new types of sponsorship benefits.

Learn why it is critically important that properties begin thinking and acting like media owners to ensure they are taking advantage of the benefits offered by digital channels and platforms.

In 60 minutes, the Webinar will deliver the following:

  • What sponsors want and don’t want in the digital realm
  • Five ways to start behaving like a digital media owner

Plus, you also will receive:

  • PDF of the PowerPoint Presentation
  • Unlimited second-chance viewings during the two-week on-demand window (live Webinar attendees only)
  • Answers to your specific questions during interactive Q&A session
Bill Chipps

William Chipps, Senior Content Editor, IEG and ESP Properties

William covers all aspects of the sponsorship industry for IEG Sponsorship Report, uncovering and reporting on a number of key industry trends through his extensive network of contacts. IEG SR publishes IEG’s annual report and forecast of overall sponsorship spending, as well as its surveys on industry compensation and the opinions of sponsorship decision-makers.

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