The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association engaged IEG Consulting to build out a robust and saleable sponsorship program.

IEG helped to identify AOPA’s most saleable assets and structured a top-level sponsorship package that included a fairly unique asset, AOPA Live. AOPA Live is essentially an online TV channel used to communicate with AOPA members. AOPA Live includes a television-style weekly newscast; reporting on a variety of aviation events; and comprehensive video content covering major topics of interest to members.

AOPA Live could have been viewed as yet another advertising vehicle for corporate partners. Instead, working with IEG Consulting, the association chose to make AOPA Live a key element in its top-tier package, offering prospective partners opportunities to creatively integrate their brands with original content that delivers value to AOPA members.

Connecting AOPA partners to content – without compromising editorial independence or credibility – will allow sponsors to meaningfully engage with members in ways that are far more relevant than simply placing a “presented by” tag on existing videos or channels. Partners also are able to gain a presence on multiple AOPA Live channels, granting them a wider reach than if they were relegated to a single sponsored area.

This development attracted interest from many potential partners for AOPA’s new sponsorship program. As a result, the association launched Strategic Partner relationships with two corporations—Enterprise Holdings (Enterprise, National and Alamo rental car brands) and Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Company—and has entered negotiations with other companies.

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