Changing The Live Sports Broadcast

By Andy Thwaite Sep 28, 2017

Changing The Live Sports Broadcast

In a recent interview at the Code Commerce event, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver stressed how the traditional TV broadcast needs to change. With a product that has hardly changed in 30 years, he argued that live sports should look more like a video game being streamed on Twitch than what we see today, as highlighted in this Recode article.

Why it’s important?

This point of view highlights another significant challenge facing properties and the sports media industry. While the platform live sports will be consumed on has received huge focus, its production is just as important but as yet has received less attention.

Many OTT deals are putting the same old TV broadcast on digital and social platforms with no production innovation (mainly because creating an alternate broadcast for OTT creates additional cost). Initial wisdom was if you reach millennials with your live broadcast on their channel of choice they would consume it, but this doesn’t allow for the shift in consumption habits and how a younger demo wants to engage.

Properties need to question the production status quo and think about how their live media product and the partners they work with can engage their younger audience.


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Andy Thwaite

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