Maximizing the Value of Social Media Sponsorship

By Rob Campbell Feb 24, 2010

As a property, incorporating corporate sponsors into your social media presence is a logical way to enhance sponsorship value.

However, similar to the old adage that you can’t put the horse before the cart, you cannot successfully incorporate sponsors into social media without a well-established social media presence.

Successful integration of sponsors is a secondary benefit to your property’s primary social media objective of having an engaging, relevant and collectively beneficial presence.

That last point listed, a collectively beneficial social media presence, is best defined as providing your followers with something of worth; something they cannot receive easily anywhere else.

A collectively beneficial social media presence also lends itself to seamless sponsor integration. When a property can attach a sponsor’s name to a social media-based contest, give-away or created content it becomes incredibly savvy and relevant sponsorship activation.

A property’s investment in social media yields many returns. For corporate sponsors, the most valuable benefit is tapping into social media’s ability to foster feelings of deeper connection between users and a property, and thus the property’s sponsors.

In dollars and cents, a tangible value cannot be placed on sponsorship mentions on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or blogs before first taking into account the intangible value of a well-developed social media presence.


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